How Country Are You?

Though there are many "country" people, this test is to see exactly how country you are, this test is to see basically how well you know ol' Bocephus.

If you think that you know him better than we do, then please, feel free to take this test, y'all don't be shy, ol' Hank ain't gonna see this, I promise.

Created by: Ed
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  1. Why do you always see Hank Williams Jr. with a beard
  2. How old was Hank Williams Sr.?
  3. What is Waylon Jenning's son's name?
  4. What song did Bocephus sing with is daddy?
  5. What state is Hank Williams Sr.&Jr. from?
  6. Who is Bocephus?
  7. How old was Hank Williams Jr. when he started singin his daddy's songs
  8. Who is still alive from the original outlaw gang?
  9. What is Hank Williams Jr.'s favorite whiskey?
  10. Hank Jr. has two daughters named Hiliary and Holly

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Quiz topic: How Country am I?