Promise Me: Introduction

Hi guys. I'm sure no one reads these things anyway but since I have to put them in, I'll just say some stuff: I am making a series called 'Promise Me'. It was going to be an actual book but I literally just made everything up as I was writing it.

Please keep taking my quizzes, stories, whatever. If you already do, then I thank you very much. I know this story/quiz is short but it's just an introduction and I promise it will get better. It's going to be a long story, whether you like it or not.

Created by: Morgan216

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  1. Everyone just suspects that I'm normal. Well, I've never done anything too bad or good at school, and that school is the same one I've been at all my life. Greenside Hill High School, at the top of Georgia. I've never known anything outside of where I live, in this old white house I live in, with the same people - my mom, Jenny, and my dad, Robert - and I see the same reflection in the mirror everyday. It's the same routine in my life as well - get up at 7am, get ready for school, go to school, hang out, come home, sleep. That's basically all it is. And I can't say it's boring, because I don't know anything else that's better. I've never left my home town, Greenside Hill in Georgia, in my entire life, which is a long dull sixteen and a half years. And when I leave the house, which will be as soon as I can, I am definitely leaving and I'm never coming back.
  2. But even though I don't want to spend another painful moment here, I can't bring myself to regret everything I've gone through - all the descisions that have been made. I'm sure there will be people who are sure that they hate whoever done this to them - but they don't know it's me. That's a big secret, definitely the biggest I own. I have cost people their lives and I have brought others back. This doesn't make any sense, of course, to you, but I am a Jewel. There are also Protectors and Restorers, the protectors obviously protect me - and all the other jewels in the world. There are only a few - and the restorers restore the lives of Jewels and Protectors if something goes wrong. A lot of things go wrong. They seem to just happen, like that, totally unexpected. I don't know what to do. I'm a Jewel, and I am like... a prize. It's like a huge serious game. There are the Creators and the Destroyers. The Jewels, Protectors and Restorers are all on the Creator's side, which include me. And the Destroyers consist of the Defenders, the Attackers, and the Spellcasters. The defenders defend from our attacks. I don't attack. I'm just a pretty ornament in the background, who everyone is trying to get or protect... There are 3 Jewels in the world. The Attackers try to capture me, and the Protectors prevent them from doing this. The Defenders defend me, like guards, when I'm imprisoned. The Mortals (humans) don't know that this war is raging on. It's all a really long complicated story, but this is just where it begins. With me. A simple teenage girl living in a simple old town in Georgia. "She don't know nothing," they would all tell me. But look at where I am now.
  3. It did all start off with me, but with someone else, too. That someone is special to me. He is the love of my life, my soul, my heart, my existence - and if he weren't here for me, I would surely be dead - Jack. Jack was my reason for breathing. Without him, I'd be nothing. I couldn't imagine anything without him. I loved him more than everything else in the world combined. But Jack is a Protector - for every tag (Protector, Restorer, Jewel, Spellcaster, Attacker, Defender) there is 3 possibilities. It's like a volcano. You could be extinct, no use to anyone, sort of like retired. Or dominant, which is hiding in the shadows, ready to erupt unexpectedly. Or active, which is totally involved with everything. Jack and I are active, so I'm very valuable, and he protects me from the Destroyers. I'm thankful for that. Even if he weren't destined to protect me as his job, he would still do it anyway. I was destined to be a Jewel. It's not something you're born with, it's something you earn. And as much as I hate being such a target, I don't regret being involved with this, because if I wasn't, I wouldn't have Jack.
  4. My name is Cora Redwood, I'm sixteen and I live in Greenside Hill, Georgia. I've lived here all my life and I'll live here forever more.
  5. (ME: Hi guys, that was the new intro to my new story! It's gonna be a series. What'd you think?)
  6. (ME: I have to get 12 questions. It's really annoying.)
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  8. (ME: Sorry about this. I really should have spread the intro out a bit more so I wouldn't have to do this. Because it's so unproffesional. But then again, I probably spelt that wrong.)
  9. (ME: I will continue on this series. Excited for more?)
  10. (ME: Last question, phew. Sorry about this, again. Bye!)

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