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  • Excellent! You're a great writer; all I wish was that it was a tad longer. Maybe try splitting up the paragraphs so that you can fill the 12 questions without having to write much more? Micheal is such a cute boyfriend :3 but then... Jack might be more my guy ;P I have very limited time, so I'll just say that I loved your details, and can't wait for part 2!

  • This is a great start! You have a distinct voice and style, I really like it. However, it was too short! When I like something so much... I think I need more! ;)

  • Omg this was so good and really well written! You seem really talented and I can't wait for part two! :)

  • I love this story! You should be an author

    Miss carrot
  • Thank you! :) I do actually want to be an author hehe i am going to publishb 1 of my books soon in real life 8)


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