Rider's Love Story Part 4

You know me...

You know me, hehe...

Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Okay, what just happened... Oh! Right! You just helped Liam with a little suicidal trouble, and probably saved his life. Great job!
  2. So, let's say it's a few days later, and you just finished a lesson with a younger kid, and his mom just picked him up. You're staying in the arena a little longer, when a figure comes up to the fence. You smile when you realize it's Ashton and ride over to him. Almost instantly, you notice something different about him. "Ashton, you got a hair cut, it's looks great!" His hair is no longer shoulder length, it's now very short, but it looks good on him. "Nope, I got them all cut." He winks. You laugh, that's the oldest joke in the book.
  3. You guys talk for a bit, then trouble shows up in the form of an angry girlfriend.
  4. "Ashton, what do you think you're doing here, with her?" asks April angrily. Ashton's face is drained of color, and he begins to shake. So you say, "He came over to say hi and show me his new hair cut, I don't know about you, but I thinks it's awesome." April is fuming now. "You stay out of this you home-wrecking slut!" April spews out a lot more things I won't write down, but you just sit there on Jackpot staring at her, unfased. When she finishes, her face is red but your expression hasn't changed. She goes to grab Ashton, but you have given him courage. He jerks away and says, "It's over, April, I'm not sorry."
  5. April's jaw drops and she stared at both of you. You slide of Jackpot and tie him to the fence, then walk out of the arena. "Now," you say, taking off you helmet. "get off my ranch." April gies to hit you, but you duck easily, and Ashton strepps in front of you, grabbing April's hand. "Get out of here, don't touch my friend."
  6. April wrenches her hand from Ashton's grip, and storms away. Aston turns to you and says, "Thanks, I never could've gotten rid of her myself." You go to say you're welcome, but he kisses you before you can. When he pulls away, you look into his electric blue eyes, he smiles, and simply turns and leaves.
  7. Okay! End of part 4!
  8. I noticed no one seemed to like Ashton, I did the haircut to change this, but if there's anything else, please leave it in the comments!
  9. Who do you like?
  10. Kk, come back for part 5!

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