Rider's Love Story Part 11



Created by: Horseluver

  1. First off, thank you to all those who have followed this story to the end.
  2. So, I'm going to end this like my other one, who do you love? There name will be like this: -----, kinda like yours.
  3. So, it's been around a week since you've heard from the guys, and suddenly there's a knock at your door. You open it to find ------standing there. "Hello, ___, long time no see." You've made up your mind by now, and your so happy the guy you realize your in love with has come. You fling yourself into his arms, and he falls over backwards. Your both laughing on the ground until he reaches up and kisses you. You wrap your arms around his neck, his arms are around your waist, and for once, no other feelings but love enter your thinking. When he breaks away, you two stare at each other for a while, soaking in the appearance of the one you love.
  4. "Would you like to go for a walk in the park with me?" he asks. You smile. "I would love to." You two walk hand in hand along the pathway. It feels good not to be torn between anyone, to know that you love one person, and no one else. But best of all, you know ------ loves you back.
  5. ------ cracks jokes, and you laugh. Soon you sit down on a park bench, and ----- puts his arm around you. You lean against his shoulder, watching the sun begin to set. "-----, this is perfect," you say sleepily. He kisses your forehead. "I'm glad you think so. I love you, ____." You feel yourself falling asleep, but you manage "I love you too, -----." You slip into a deep sleep, and wake up in your bed, for the third time. ---- is lying next to you, looking at you. He smiles when he sees your awake. You smile back. You snuggle up next to him and kiss him. It's not a passionate kiss, but a soft lingering kiss.
  6. When you pull away he kisses the top of your head and you bury your face into his shirt. "I'm so happy there's no more jealousy, or guilt, just us," you whisper. ---- nodds. "I will always be here for you, if anything like that happens," he replies. You feel yourself falling asleep again in ---- arms, and you don't fight it.
  7. When you wake up again, ----'s gone and there's a note on your nightstand: "____, I went home, but I will see you tomorrow. Love, ------." You press the note to your heart and check the time 7:00 in the morning. "s---," you mutter. You usually have the feeding done by now. You scramble out of bed, get dressed, and feed the horses in half the time it usually takes you. As you put back the buckets you notice something in the tack room. You walk in to find a red rose and another note. It's from all three of the other guys. "____, we know you and ---- are together now. We hope that won't come between us, and that we can still be friends. We still want only the best for you. Call us sometime, we'll have a party or go for a ride. Always here, The Guys." You smile, grateful that the others aren't taking this hard.
  8. So, you do exactly that. You call up the boys and ask if they want to come over. The all say yes, and by lunch, there's a full-blown barbecue in your backyard. The smell of burgers, sausages, and salsa fill the air as you look around at the four boys who had all fallen for you. Even though you chose ----- in the end, you know you'll always be friends with the rest. When the food is done, you guys sit down at the outdoor table and talk and laugh. No one feels uncomfortable, and everyone has a great time. You sigh in the midst of it, happy that all of the fighting, guilt, and jealousy is behind you. Now you have three new friends, and a great boyfriend.
  9. When the food is eaten, you guys sit and talk for at least another hour. It begins to get dark, and the boys decide to leave, but they say they'll come visit soon. You give each a hug as they leave, and ----- a kiss. You watch them all, then go to the barn to feed the horses. After feeding, you stand and pet Jackpot for a while, thinking about everything that's happened in past few weeks. It's been absolutely insane. But you got through it.
  10. And that's it. That's the end of Rider's Love Story.
  11. Bye!

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