Just another love story part 8

Well, I'm sorry the last one was short. Life's been hard now. Well I hope you like this chapter/part though :)

Created by: iluvdolphins
  1. I cuddled into my bedsheets next to me new puppy, Snow. She's so fluffy and white. So adorable. I sighed and closed my eyes. Slowly drifting to sleep I heard a crash, meh. It might be the boys playing around again. I soon fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up I felt Snow ontop of my chest staring at me. I giggled at her. I picked her off my bed and led her to her food. I yawned and walked to the living room. "Holy s---!" I screamed when I saw blood all over the walls. It wasn't the guys playing last night. "Emily.." I heard a familiar voice whisper" I followed the voice and gaped at who I saw dying. Taylor.
  2. I started crying. "T- taylor" please tell me you're okay. "I'm well.. not okay. But emily I have to give you something" I felt more tears threaten to fall down. "You can also be invisible." cool. "who did this?" he slowly closed his eyes "Diane" Anger rushed through me. That Bit*h! I'm gonna freaking kill her! I closed my eyes and thought of the horrible cave she brought me the last time. I soon realized that I can teleport. It runs through the family. When I heard the guys moaning in pain I quickly froze time, and unlocked the chains. When I finished with all of them, I crashed into the wall, don't know how though. Then I saw John smiling evilly at me. "John.. what the hell are you thinking?!" He chained me as the guys were unconscious. I felt myself slowly drifting to sleep. I was so tired. "Matt" I whispered as I saw him getting up. "Matt.. help me"
  3. When I woke up. I felt, nor saw anything changing. Hmm.. Just a dream. I thought When I got up, I instantly felt a sharp pain in my leg I yelped in pain and saw Matt running to me. "Emily! Why'd you get up?!" I stared at him, did he just yell at me? "Because Mr. I didn't know this bulls--- happened!" He softened his gaze on me. "I'm sorry I yelled, I'm just exausted, I finished healing the guys. But Emily' He looked at me mournfully 'I didn't have time to heal Taylor.. He passed away" I started crying. Did Diane kill my whole family? Dustin came into the room "Not all of your family, Only the humans are alive" I stared at him. Matt put me on the bed and looked at my body. When he found a wound, he healed it. I smiled at him and kissed him softly when he finished. "Emily, I gotta tell you something" He whispered. Matt brought his face close to mine, more serious this time. "When this is all over, you can only choose 1 of us to save. Or you can sacrifice yourself, but none of us can live without you.. We love you Emily"
  4. I sighed and fell asleep after Matt walked out. When I woke up, I walked to my Snow and petted her. She rolled on her back and licked my hand. I smiled at her. She was so cute. I heard footsteps and saw Adam walk to me. "Hey" He softly said and sat next to me. "Hi" I whispered. He wrapped his arm around me "I'm so sorry about Taylor" I felt tears threaten to pour out. "I-I just met him.. and.. he just went away so quickly" He wiped tears softly from my face. "I'm sorry Emily" and kissed my cheek. I rested my head on his shoulder and just let my emotions pour out. After dinner, I went to the garage, and took the Mustang. I planned to just go away for a while. I didn't tell the guys though.. but whatever. I turned the engine on in the car and drove to my friend: Jane's house. She's gonna be so happy to see me. I got out of the car and knocked on the door. When she saw me she squealed "EMILLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN?!" I laughed at her. "I really don't know myself" She pulled me inside and we just hung out, like we used to.
  5. I laughed at her. "Oh! Emily guess what?" "What?" She smiled "I am dating a guy." I squealed "Who?!" She scrolled through her phone and found a picture. My mouth dropped when I saw him. James. "He smokin or what?" she asked "He's perfect for you Kayla!" I said. Later after fooling around I went back to the mansion. I can't believe about a month ago I was 'kidnapped' by them. And I tried to run away. But now I'm going to them. On my way, I bought Ice cream. Yum! Vanilla! It's so creamy and cold. I smiled and walked out of the car in the garage. When I opened the door, I was suddenly thrown to the wall and I felt myself burning. I screamed in pain and heard James. "Wait! Guys stop! Its her!" Then suddenly I stopped burning and started crying. The guys tried coming to me, but I just went invisible. I can't believe this."Damn." I heard all of them say. "Emily, please let us see you. We thought you were kidnapped." I slowly calmed down, but it was turning to anger. "So you decide to do that?! I can't leave for two seconds without you guys panicking?!" They stared at me. I felt tears building up in my eyes. "I can't take a breather just for a second?! A lot of crap's been going on!"
  6. "Yo, Emily calm down" One of them said. I sighed and looked up. "Diane's been killing your family for your powers. When someone dies, the person in your family gives their powers to a member closest to them. You are destined to defeat Diane. You are the last person in your family. Please don't give up on us cause crap's been happening." I stared at them and sighed "Fine" they smiled. "Good". I sighed and went to bed. This has been a long day. Now.. I have all of my family's powers.. sweet. I bet tomorrow we'll be training.I woke up early with scars all around me. Weird. I took a shower and put on my training suit. This will surprise them. I teleported to the kitchen and made toast. After cooking it, I ate it and teleported to Taylor's room. "psst, Emily" I heard someone say. I looked around and saw nothing. Huh. Weird, Again. I felt a hand on my arm and I turned around and almost screamed. Taylor. "Hey sis." He smiled. I stared at him in shock. He's dead. "I know, I'm dead and everything. Now, you have my powers, from our other side of the family. The reason you can see me is because our father could see ghosts." I slowly nodded, understanding. He looked up. "I have to go, good luck sis" And he vanished. I sighed and saw Snow walking towards me. I smiled and petted her. After the boy's woke up, we started training. At first they beat me, but soon I started beating them
  7. ;) welcome. I combined part 7 and 8. Part 7 wasnt linking for me
  8. By the way! Snow is like the puppy in my profile pic (exept a girl, and i changed it)
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  11. Love ya! Bye ;)

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