Rider's Love Story Part 6

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Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Okay, so first off, thanks to everyone who commented on my announcement, it really helped shape this quiz.
  2. I will bring back April sometime, and somehow she will learn to stay away. Maybe not in this one, but soon.
  3. So, time to bring back Roy.
  4. Alright, Roy shows up at your house and says, "Hey, how about that trail ride?" You smile sadly. "I'd love too, but, Jackpot has a hurt leg, and, well, he's my trail riding horse." April enters your mind and you silently curse her and that particually large rock that hit his leg.
  5. "Oh, well, okay then..." says Roy sadly, then his face lights up. "You could ride behind me." You consider this, then smile. "Sounds great."
  6. You two walk out to the barn and he saddles Friction. Once he's on, he reaches his hand down to you. You hesitate. "Don't you trust me?" he asks. You grab his hand and swing on in answer. The saddle is just big enough for the two of you, and you wrap your arms tentatively around his waist. He leads Friction out of then barn and you ask, "Where are we going?" You chin is resting on his shoulder. "I think you'll like it." You can feel Friction growing anxious, wanting to let loose in a gallop, but Roy expertly holds him back.
  7. You realize that he's leading your horse to the beach, and you cling to Friction with your legs in excitement.
  8. Once down there, Roy stops Friction, looking over the sand. It's hard and compacted from the now retreating tide, perfect for riding. You feel Friction paw the ground eager to go. Your chin is still on Roy's shoulder and he looks back at you, kisses your cheek and says, "Hold on." He nudges your mount and the horse bursts into and all out gallop. You hold on with your legs and raise you arms and shout with delight.
  9. Friction trips a little and you immediately grab hold of Roy again. After a few minutes, Roy slows the horse to a walk and you rest your head on his back watching the waves rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and, and...
  10. You wake up with a headache. You look around and realize you're in your room. Roy is standing at the window, but grins and comes over to you when he sees your awake. "What happened?" you ask, rubbing your head. "You fell asleep and fell off. You hit your head pretty hard, but it was sand, so I think you'll be okay." You nodd and look around. Roy nodds. "I brought you back as soon as I got you back on Friction."
  11. He gets up and says, "I'm going home, but I had a great time with you." He leans down a kisses you. It's not rough or passionate, but soft and gentle. He stands straight again and leaves without another word. You fall asleep with your lips tingling.
  12. Okay, that's it, come back for part 7!
  13. A special thanks to @angelic4 for giving me the idea for that date. Thanks so much!

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