High School Love Story Part 2

Okay before I say anything I just wan't to say that I'f you have never ever read High School Love Story Part 1 then don't even start to read High School Love Story Part 2.

So right now go back and read High School Love Story Part 1 before this one. I'f you have already read it, stay tuned for High School Love Story Part 3!

Created by: D3signnFreAkk
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  1. So Jacob entered in a acting competition last week and won 4 tickets to Sunny Beach, California. Jacob, Sophia, Chase and Mackenzie all went together.
  2. "Whoo-hoo!" yelled Chase. "These waves are so narely man!" Yelled Jacob. "Haha boys." Said Sophia as she rolled her eyes. "Yeaa they are so crazy." remarked Mackenzie. "Is narely even a word?" asked Sophia. "Lmfao. I dont think so!" replied Mackenzie. "In his world it is." said Chase. "I HEARD THAT!" yelled Jacob. "Lets go out for dinner." remarked Chase!
  3. "Mmm..That was good." said Mackenzie. "Thanks. I made it with love :) " said Jacob. "Eww. Im going to set up the movie." said Mackenzie. "Haha." laughed Sophia. "I'll go help her." said Chase. "Finally, were alone." remarked Jacob. "Why do you want to be alone?" asked Sophia. "So I can do this..." (Jacob gets down on one knee.) "Sophia Moon, will you marry me?" "Eppp! YES!" replied Sophia.
  4. ( The Next Morning. ) "Heres your pancakes and heres your pancakes." said Chase. "Hey, wheres Jacob?" asked Mackenzie. " He said he was feeling sick." replied Chase. "Psstt. Guys." said Sophia. "What?" asked Chase and Mackenzie. "Last night... Jacob asked me to marry him!" said Sophia. "Omg! What did you say?" asked Mackenzie. "I said yes! Duhh!" replied Sophia. "Wow. This is great!" said Chase.
  5. The girls (Sophia and Mackenzie) go shopping for the perfect dress for Sophia at her wedding. While the boys (Jacob and Chase) go shopping for Jacob a dressy tux. Mackenzie is Sophia's bridesmaid and Chase is Jacob's best man. ( Next day ) "Im calling Stevie's bakery for the wedding cake." said Jacob. "And me and Mackenzie will attend to the decorations." remarks Sophia.
  6. (At the wedding) "..and Sophia do you take Jacob to be your husband, to love and to cherish forever?" "I do." said Sophia. "You may now kiss the bride."
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