Create a boyfriend;)

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My first quiz so be nice. Your boyfriend will be... Well I cant tell so take it....... And don't say Oooohhh yeeeaaah. The-[kool-aid man appears] see. Don't say it. Im scarred for life now

I'm going to also make 'Can you date me' where you see if ill date you. Picture is me. The one with the blue, purple, and white shirt. Hello and Goodbye

Created by: ShadowChaser

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Don't scream through the computer... Whats your favorite color(s)?:/
  2. Hair time baby...
  3. Eyes
  4. look at answers...
  6. Trick ya XD
  7. What music (doesnt count)
  8. Pick a smiley i made
  9. so... USA had some gold at the olympics...
  10. Bye- Shadowchaser;*

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