How into Chairs are you?

Are you into chairs? Do you think you have the awesome power of posterior relaxation skills? Find out what level Chairmaster you are ! Destroy your mind with the awesomeness of this quiz. For it is mighty, it is strong. It is the way forward.

I think ive said everything I can in the paragraph above, but this Quiz Wizard wont let me create this quiz unless i use at least the required amount of characters in this spot, So I will randomly fill it up with some stuff so I can create the quiz for your pleasure.

Created by: Azure

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  1. Do you enjoy comfy chairs, posture correcting chairs, or chairs with gigantic "things" to sit on?
  2. How many legs does the standard chair have?
  3. Do you sit down on chairs for long periods of time?
  4. Would you let an animal share your favourite bum resting place?
  5. When on a public bus, do you try your hardest to sit on the wheel rim seat?
  6. Do you know what a tripod is?
  7. Do you like wooden, plastic or metal chairs best?
  8. Do you think an ejector seat would be awesome to have in your front room?
  9. A chair has nobody sat on it. Do you:
  10. Would you let somebody violate you up the poopipe with a chairleg?

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Quiz topic: How into Chairs am I?