A Myth Story Part 2



Created by: Horseluver

  1. * Recap * You just met four guys who can turn themselves into mythical creatures, they seem to like you, so we'll see.
  2. So, you wake up the next morning in your house, and everything that happened came back to you. Everything you saw, the guys you met, what you learned. You look around and to your surprise, see Seth sitting there in a chair near your bed. He smiles when he sees your awake. "Morning' _____." You try to smile but are a little nervous. He seems to sense this, and throws his hands up in a surrendering fashion. "Don't worry, I won't do anything bad. I'm not like that." This makes you relax. "What are you doing here?" you ask. He shrugs. "I couldn't get you out of my head, I wanted to come see you again." You blush. "I met your buddies yesterday." His smile fades slightly. "Oh, um, what'd you think of them?" You're not sure what he means. "They weren't like you, but they were cool." His smile returns. "Alright." You realize he was hoping you didn't like any of them. Well, you're not sure of that yourself. "Yeah, it was... Crazy, but, in a good way." He nodds. "We're pretty sure you're the only person who knows. We're just hoping no one in a high position finds out, you know, they might try to preform tests on us and stuff like that." You nodd. "I won't tell anyone, I had to say that a bunch of times yesterday." Seth laughs. It's a gentle yet powerful sound, you like it. "Yeah, the other guys are a bit more intense about it."
  3. There's a moment of awkward silence. Seth scratches the back of his neck and asks, "So, I was wondering, if, maybe you, I don't know, wanna go for a walk on the beach?" You smile. "I'd like that. Now, if you'd kindly leave my room so I can change." He grins sheepishly and walks out and shuts the door. You change into some Levi shorts and a nice tee. You brush your hair and head out. Seth's standing there, and he smiles when you come out. "You look beautiful, _____." You giggle. "Seth, I'm not wearing anything like that." He walks up to you and puts his arms around your waist. He smells like the crisp sea air. "You look beautiful anyway." You blush and push him away. "You flatter me." He laughs and leads you downstairs to his car. It's a dark blue Chevy pick-up truck. You climb in the passenger seat and he starts it up. It's silent for most of the ride, and you feel relieved when you see the beach appearing in the distance. Once there, you two get out and walk down to the water. He puts your sandals and his in a small pack he has slung over his shoulder. The surf washes over your feet, it feels nice. You feel Seth get a little fidgety beside you, and you look at him. "You okay?" He nodds. "I just get twitchy when I touch the water, the other part of me wants to dive in and transform." You smile and take his hand. Instantly, he relaxes and stops squriming. He blushes at you. "Wow, nothing's ever stopped that urge before, you have a strange effect on me." You come up with a joke. "I have that effect on most guys I meet," you say mockingly. Seth grins and scoops you up in his arms. "Let's see what effect this has on you!" And he runs into the water and drops you. You stand up sputtering and laughing. You splash him with some of the salty water and he laughs, trying to dodge it. You guys play like this for around an hour, then get tired. You head up to the sand, lay down, and let the sun dry you. Seth has his arm around you and your head's on his chest. You hear the steady beating of his heart, which sounds more horse than human. You look up at him, and he kisses you. You don't object.
  4. You end up falling asleep in his arms, and when you wake up, you're lying in your bed. There's a note on the chair where Seth had been sitting: "_____, I had a great time, I had to go. But I'll see you soon. Love, Seth." You press the note to your heart and fall back on your bed, day dreaming about him. Your mind, being the annoying mind that it is, jumps back to the other guys you have met. Images of Jared, Sean, and Blake fill your head and you begin feeling torn. All of them seemed to like you... What the heck were you supposed to do? You didn't know which one you liked, or even if you liked any of them at all. You try to put it all out of your mind. You know it will spiral out of control if you think about it for too long. Who do you think you like?
  5. Okay! That's all I got for this part!
  6. I know this one was really short, but I wanted to get it out or my brain would get clogged.
  7. Part 3 will be out soon! (yes I'm using up questions)
  8. One more question, what do you guys think about your character getting powers?
  9. Kay, one more!
  10. Bye!

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