Harry Potter or Twilight?

The battle between Harry Potter and Twilight still rages after the movies and books are over. It will probably never end. Each group of fans think their story is better.

What do you think? Is Harry Potter totally kick @ss? Or is Edward the man of every girls dream? They are a few ways to figure it out, and I've created one of them.

Created by: Horseluver

  1. Do you think Bella is a co-dependent, pathetic, psychopath, or is Harry a whining, sad, baby?
  2. Have you read either book series?
  3. Do you prefer a wand or sharp teeth?
  4. Which do you think you like more?
  5. Did you go to the midnight showing of either movie?
  6. Do you think Edward domestically abuses Bella, or does Harry think Ginny is weak?
  7. Do you think Twilight is just about having a boyfriend, or is Harry Potter about death and destruction?
  8. Who do you think could beat the other in a fight? Edward or Harry?
  9. Rate?
  10. Comment?
  11. Do you know exactly what Harry Potter's about?
  12. If you answered yes, what's it about?
  13. Do you know exactly what Twilight's about?
  14. If you answered yes, what's it about?
  15. Thank you to those who told me what to fix on my quiz, it was very helpful.
  16. And if you're gona tell me that my quiz sucks, tell me what to fix, or I'll disregard it.

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