Which HP character are you most like

Do you ever wonder am I like Harry Potter am I like Hermione Granger am I like Ron Weasley well first of do you know what harry potter is okay great now find who you really are when it comes to Harry potter

Do you first of realize that even though you are a girl you might possibly be made a boy and vice versa sorry for that but still nothing wrong with it.

Created by: MSNB

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  1. If you could be friends with any girl in HP who would it be
  2. If you were friends with any HP guy who would it be
  3. Which house do you like best
  4. What is your favorite color set
  5. Are you an only child
  6. What would you play on quidditch
  7. What would your boggart change into
  8. What is your favorite HP book
  9. Will you comment and rate
  10. Do you like HP series movies too
  11. Do you want another quiz
  12. Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which HP character am I most like