You don't know Harry all

I know there are a lot of Harry Potter quizzes that say they are the most difficult. But try this quiz and don't cheat, and you will see EXACTLY how well you know him.

Do you REALLY have enough Harry Potter smarts to pass this test? I bet you don't. But you can prove it to me. Who's gonna be a sissy and not take the big scary test?? NOT YOU!!!! Now ready set...BEGIN!!!

Created by: HPismalife

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  1. What kind of ice cream did Hagrid buy Harry in the first book?
  2. Give me Dumbledledores full name, what he say he see's in the mirror of Erised, and, what came out of the wizard cracker he pulled with Snape on Christmas eve of the first book.
  3. What is Ron and Hermione's middle names? (h=hermione) (r=ron)
  4. Quick!!! At the end of the Seventh book, What is Hermiones; full name and age, Ron's full name and age, and their 2 childrens names and ages?!
  5. When is Lily Evans birthday? (the date, the year is not needed.)
  6. How many pages are in each of the books? In order of course
  7. How many total books has JK rowling made about Harry's World?
  8. What is the name of the ice cream shop in Diagon Alley?
  9. How do you spell the name of the Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley?
  10. Descripe a red cap.
  11. What is Hermione's worst fear??
  12. Last question. How is Harry relatd to Voldemort?

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