What harry potter person are you?

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Many people resemble charactars from harry potter, (the book seris) but which harry potter person is a person? If one takes this quiz, they will soon find out.

Are you a Malfoy? A Granger? What about a potter or maybe even a Weasly like person. If you take this quiz, you will find out which potter charater you resemble.

Created by: Jessica

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  1. Someone tries to make fun of your beliefs and ideas. Do you:
  2. You are trapped in a room with no other people,no light, but enough food and water to last a lifetime, what do you do?
  3. What traits best represent you?
  4. Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher?
  5. You see someone badly injured, what do you do?
  6. What color is your hair?
  7. What color are you eyes?
  8. Pick one, it doesn't affect your results
  9. pick one, it does not affect your results
  10. pick one, it does not affect your results

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Quiz topic: What harry potter person am I?