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Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Alright, this is my 3rd story quiz, so I'm getting the hang of it.
  2. So, this takes place in Northern California, present day. In this story, 4 guys have discovered how to change themselves into mythical creatures. You have no powers, but these guys take a liking to you.
  3. One day, you are taking a walk on the beach. The wind is whipping your hair and the water is washing over your feet. Suddenly, a loud flopping and neighing sound interrupts the silence and you look down the beach to see a very strange sight indeed. A creature, with a glissining green tail like a merperson, but where the human would start, a beautiful white horse did. You recognize this animal instantly as a hippocamp, a type of sea horse. (you are an expert at greek mythology) It's trapped on land, it can't reach the water. You know it will die if it stays like this much longer. So you run over to it and kneel beside it. It stops thrashing and whinnying to look at you with desperate eyes. "Don't worry." Your voice is laced with gentle comfort. "I'll help you." You begin to delicately roll the sea creature towards the surf. He seems nervous at first, but relaxes when he realizes what you're doing. Once the creature is in the water, he wriggles himself under the waves, and comes up as a boy.
  4. He has tousled brown hair, and sea green eyes. He doesn't seem buff, but there's a strong sense about him as he walks out of the surf. Luckily, he's not naked, he has a green drape over himself as he walks up to you. He's a bit taller than you are, and you look into his gentle smiling face. He bows to you. "Lady, you have saved me, how can I repay you?" You're a little frightened. "Tell me what you are?" His smile fades a little and he looks around to make sure you two are alone. "I am human, yet I can transform. There are others like me, but no one else knows." You try to absorb this and he stands there patiently. Finally, you look him straight in the eyes. "My name is ____, what's yours?" His smile returns. "Seth."
  5. Suddenly he frowns and looks down the beach. "Someone's coming, I must go now. It was a pleasure to meet you, ____." You look at him, confused. "Will I see you again, Seth?" He smiles and kisses your hand. "I promise." He turns and dives beneath the waves, you see a flick of his green tail before he disappears completely. You sigh happily as the people who were coming down the beach pass you. Some of the men stop to get a good look at you, then continue on their way. You slowly make your way back home, an image Seth burned into your mind. As you approach your mansion, huge gusts of air cut through your train of thought. You look up in surprise to see a beautiful black dragon jumping overhead (Greek dragons didn't usually have wings). It lands on the hill behind your house, and you run to get a better look. It has crawled behind the hill by the time you reach the top. When you peak over, there's no sign of a dragon, instead, there's a boy sitting on the grass. From behind, you see pitch black hair that reaches his neck. There's a small cloth around his waist, his only sign of coverage. "Hello?" you call tentatively. He jumped and turns, his dark eyes looking at you suspiciously. "Who are you?"
  6. He's really pale, and yet, he's cute. "I-I-I'm ___." He looks over you carefully, and in deciding you're harmless, he gets up and walks over to you. "So, you saw that, didn't you?" You hesitate, then nodd. He sighs. "Under normal circumstances, I would have to kill you." You stumble backwards, but he doesn't move. "But these aren't normal circumstances, are they? Seth told me you saved his life. I can't kill the girl who saved my best friend's life, can I?" You're confused, but you cautiously shake your head. He smiles. He looks nice when he smiles. "But I need your word, you can't tell anyone what you saw." You nodd again. He walks up and hugs you. It talks you a second to understand what the heck's going on. "Thank you, ____, I feel I can trust you." Then he turns and begins to walk away, but pauses and looks over his shoulder. "I'm Jared, by the way." Then he takes off running.
  7. You walk slowly back to your house, trying to understand the fact that people can turn into mythical creatures. You hear something in your backyard, and you slowly make your way over there. When you turn the corner you almost scream. A beautiful griffin rolling around on the ground, screeching. You can't tell what's wrong with it, but it stops when it sees you. It eyes you with a look that is either saying its not sure what to do, or it's deciding how to kill you. It stands and spreads its wings. You shut your eyes, waiting for it to strike. But it doesn't come. You open your eyes to see a guy standing there. He has semi-wavy orange hair that falls just past his ears. His dark brown eyes are studying you. "Um, hi?" you say carefully. He raises his eyebrows. "Are you not afraid? Do you not understand what you just saw?" You shake your head. "You get used to it after a while." His eyes widen. "Those morons! They let you see them?" You nodd. He slams his hand into his forehead. "I'll need to speak with them." When his hand moves away and he looks at you as if he's seeing you for the first time. "You are very attractive, if you don't mind my saying so." You blush as he walks up to you. "Can you keep this secret?" You nodd again. "What is your name?" He looks hesitant. "What's yours?" You don't feel uncomfortable anymore. "_____." He smiles. "A beautiful name, I'm Sean. I'm afraid I must leave now." And he turns and walks away.
  8. You watch him jump, sprout wings and fly off. Since he's far away, it's difficult to see the whole transformation, but it doesn't look painful, like in the movies, more graceful and free. You take a deep breath, still trying to process everything that just happened. You decide to take a stroll in the small forest near your house (I know you just got back from one, you're trying to unwind). As you walk throught the huge trees, a small rustling sound catches your ears. Fearful of what you might run into next, you turn away from it and run in the other direction. After the sound fades, laughing begins echoing through the trees. Not evil laughter, but real, comical laughter, like someone just saw something ridiculously funny. "Careful!" a sudden voice shouts. "Wouldn't want the bunny to get you!" The laughter begins again, you can't tell where it's coming from. Then, a boy comes out of the trees, holding his stomach, tears streaming from laughing too hard. His blonde hair is feathery and short, and his blue eyes are shining from the tears. "What?" you manage through your confusion. His laughing slows a bit and he's able to talk again. "Ah, sorry, it's just, I've never seen someone run from bunny before." You realize that must have been a rabbit you heard, and you ran thinking it was some other creature. "Oh, um, yeah well, I've run into a few, uh, interesting things today." He stops, eyeing you. "What do you mean, 'interesting'." You shift your weight uncomfortably. "You might think I'm crazy, but, I met a couple, um, mythical creatures today."
  9. "Who are you?" You feel a lump in your throat, and are getting the felling one of the others told him about you. "____," you answer regardless. His eyes widen. "So, you've seen? Aw, s---!" He kicks the dirt and puts his hands on his head. "I'm sorry!' you shout. "I didn't mean to run into you guys!" He shakes his head. "It's not your fault, miss...?" "Oh, my name's _____." He nodds. "Mine's Blake, I'm the oddball." You knit your eyebrows. "Oddball?" He sighs. "The other guys turn into beautiful creatures, I'm, we'll, this." He backs into the trees out of sight. A roaring sound fill the air, and a hideous creature steps out of the trees. "A hydra?" All five of its giant heads nodd, and he steps back, turns into a human again. When he comes back out, he still looks normal, as if nothing had happened. "Wow." Is all you can say. "I know, I know, Seth is a hippocamp, Jared's a dragon, Sean's a griffin, and I'm, that thing." You feel sorry for him. "It's not so bad, hydra's are really cool creatures. I mean, someone cuts off one head, and two more grow back! That's gotta be helpful." He sighs. "Yeah, and, see, whenever I change back into a human, the heads, reset themselves, I guess you would say. They go back to five." He still seems upset. "That's good, I mean, otherwise you'd have a million heads every time you transformed." This seems to perk him up a bit. "You're a smart girl, ____." You blush as he begins to walk away. He turns one last time before disappearing into the woods. "Don't tell anyone." You smile and promise for the fourth time that day. After he leaves, it begins getting dark, so you head home for the night.
  10. Okay! Sorry it took me so long to get this one out, but, hope you enjoyed it!

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