Are You a Greek Geek?

Have you ever heard the Greek myth of Heracles, the strongest person ever? Have you ever heard the myth of Orpheus and Euridice? You can definitely take this quiz to find out if you ARE a Greek Geek!

Are YOU a Greek Geek? Take this test to find out! Who knows? You may have been born to be a Greek myth master! Try the quiz! Will you fail like Orpheus? Or succeed like Heracles?

Created by: maddie

  1. Who is king of the gods?
  2. Who is queen of the gods?
  3. Who is the goddess of springtime?
  4. Which god can make any mechanical thing in less than five seconds?
  5. Which Greek hero killed Medusa?
  6. Who was the best inventor EVER?
  7. What is the greek name for "bull man?"
  8. Who is the sister of Charybdis?
  9. Who is the mother of monsters?
  10. What is the name of Greek money?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Greek Geek?