Rider's Love Story Part 1

You know how it works...

You know how it works by now...

Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Alright, you've been riding horses all your life, you own quite a few and have a ranch where you give lessons, and host shows. Your favorite horse is is a handsome, 3 year old, buckskin, quarter horse colt named Jackpot.
  2. So, one day, you're warming up Jackpot, waiting for someone to arrive for his lesson, when you see a guy sitting in the stands where the audience would sit during a show.
  3. He's hanging his head, so you ride over to the fence and say, "Hey, you, you alright?" The guy jerks his head up and you get a good look. He has pitch black hair that just covers his dark eyes. He's pale and a bit gangly.
  4. The guy nodds. "I'm _____, and this is Jackpot," you say, patting your mount. "What's your name?" The guy relaxes a little and says, "Liam."
  5. You smile. "You wanna ride?" He looks around. "Me? Ride a horse?" You laugh. "Yeah, you want to?" He hesitates, then nodds slowly. You slide off Jackpot and tie him to a fence post (with the lead rope you have, never tie a horse with the reins) and say, "Come on, let's pick out a horse."
  6. Soon, you have an old grey thoroughbred named Rose saddled and bridled. You lead them into the arena and help Liam on. You tell him to wait there while you go jump on Jackpot. You help Liam steer Rose to the fence and ask, "What do you think?" He smiles at you. "I think you're a great teacher." You feel yourself blush
  7. You two ride for about an hour before Liam's phone vibrates with a text about him having to be somewhere. You let him brush Rose and give her carrot. Before he leaves he gives you his phone number and a kiss on the cheek. "I had a great time, thanks." You watch him walk away until you can't see him anymore.
  8. Then, the guy who had scheduled a lesson arrives. He's tall, with short, dirty blonde hair and beautiful hazel eyes. His nose is a little crooked, but it's kinda cute.
  9. "Hi," he says confidently. "I'm Roy." You smile. "Hello, I'm ____, and, you said this wasn't your first time on a horse, correct?" He nodds. "Well, how experienced are you?" "I've been riding since I was twelve, I can handle pretty stubborn horses." You take all this in, going over your horses in your head, deciding which would fit him. "Okay, come in the barn, we'll pick out a horse for you."
  10. You decide on a brown stallion named Friction, and you don't need to help him with anything because he knows exactly what he's doing. You get back on Jackpot, and you two end up playing tag the whole time.
  11. When the lesson ends, you guys sit in Friction's stall and make small talk. He begins to babble a little, so you kiss his cheek, and he almost falls over. But he sits up and says, "I gotta go, thanks though." You sit smiling until you can't hear his footsteps anymore.
  12. The next day, your in your house eating breakfast. You're a bit dusty, because you always go out and feed the horses before you eat for yourself. You hear a knock on the door. And when you open it, a guy with untidy brown hair and green eyes is standing there.
  13. "Can I help you?" you ask. "Yeah, I heard from a friend you're a really fun girl, so I wondered if you wanted to come to a party this weekend?" "Do you have an invite? I like to have it written down or I'll forget." he nodds and pulls out a small card with the date and times on it. You smile. "And may I have your name?" He nodds again. "Ryan." "Well, see you at the party. Oh, I'm ____, by the way." He shakes your hand, says goodbye, and leaves.
  14. So what do you wear to this party?
  15. So you get to the party, and Ryan meets you at the door. "Hey ____," he says smiling. "I'll introduce you to a couple of people." You two walk up to Roy. "This is-" "Roy," you finish. "Okay, well this is-" "Liam." Ryan looks slightly hurt. "Is there anyone here you don't know?" You look around. There a lots of people you don't know. But there's a guy with red hair that reaches his shoulders and striking blue eyes who stands out. "I don't know him."
  16. You two make your way thought the crowded house to the red haired guy. "Ashton, this is ___, she owns that ranch down the road. ______, this is Ashton." You shake his hand, he has a firm grip and you can't help but say, "Nice firm handshake. You could handle a tough horse."
  17. Ashton looks a little confused but he smiles. Suddenly, two arms wrap around his chest and a girl with long black hair and chocolate brown eyes is peeking over his shoulder. "Who's this, Ashton?" she asks with slight suspicion. "April, this is ____, she owns the horse ranch down the road. ____, this is my girlfriend April." April looks over you skeptically then says, "Horses? Gross. Come on, Ashton." And she takes his hand and drags, literally drags, him away.
  18. Well, now you know everybody, hoped you like it!
  19. If you haven't realized it yet, you all are in your early 20's cause you own your own ranch.
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