Cowgirl in love part 2

part two of my series follows you and your friends to your welcome to town/get to know the locals party where you met some interesting characters a.k.a. bryce and justin

the guys Jack rides a black quarter horse named blaze has curly sandy blonde hair mason-brown semi long hair is riding your horse trouble tristan-dark brown black hair rides his palomino mare named sunny tate-curly brown hair rides a buckskin named rocky Bryce light blonde hair blue eyes rides button a brown quarter horse he bought from you

Created by: Jordan
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  1. ok so im back and i added new characters for you to fall in love with.
  2. when you and mason got out of the truck he wrapped his are around your waist and escorted you to the party when inside you looked around at everyone dancing it was like your house had been turned into a N.Y.C club you muttered that you couldnt leave ariana alone in the house for half an hour without this happening when all of a sudden she , molly , lana, and tate walked up and ariana said i didnt do it alone my new oyfriend helped. new boy.. wait TATE!!! yup i asked her this morning after i got back from trying to interduce you to mason. Leilani told you that emilie had been flirting with tristan all night and they were headed thi way. when you turned around sure enough they were walking towards you and emilie had her arm wrapped around his waist when mason started to see you looking upset he leaned down and kissed you and the only thin goin through your head was...
  3. when the two of you finally came up for air everyone was staring at you when Tristan said Mason is that you? Hey man whats up he asked like nothing had happened oh nothing much just wandering why your kising my friend wasnt letting my horse loose enough for you but now you have to show your face in this town once again.wait what you asked confused? Oh he didnt tell you about sunburst? He was my red palomino quarter horse stalion he knew every trick that you could think of one day durin on summer i let mason here take him out to the lake for a ride because i was busy helping my parents and bur needed exercise so i let him take him out a few hours later mason came back but bur didnt mason swore up and down that bur ran off with a herd of mares but i never saw him again.after hearin this your thoughts were
  4. after this little burst of drama you and the girls walked out and started dancing to yalls favourite song from when you guys went to college in New York. What was the song
  5. after dancing you and the other girls went up to the boys and told them if they didnt close their mouths they would catch flies. All of a sudden tate started laughin when his phone went off and told the boys that bryce and J.D had just gotten there and that he was going to introduce you to them but before the two of you could set out to look for his friends a cute blonde and a guy who looked like a dorkier version of justin bieber in his younger years came up and asked tate why he always met the cute girls looking at you. You laughed and said no we are just friends he's going out with my best friend you guys mut be Bryce and J.D. the blonde with blue eyes said yes im bryce and he pointing to the j.b look alike is justin or J.D as we call are thinking...
  6. the rest of these questions wont count
  7. so plz leave a comment on wether or not i should add justin as an guy for you to fall for
  8. ok i really hope you like the series so far and im sorry the firt was hard to read i hope you continue reading and loving the guys
  9. okay sorry but the next question will count
  10. who do you love so far

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