How well do you know horses?

Welcome to this test! There are some cowgirls/cowboys in the world who are just like you. You may be the cowgirl/cowboy you want to be! Now, in a little bit, you will pass this test. I grantee it!

Are you a cowgirl/cowboy? Find out in this quiz. Please go through the whole thing! Stop watching that TV!!!! Take this quiz! You will be taking this quiz in just a couple seconds!

Created by: amazon
  1. Should a horse wear its halter while out in the field?
  2. Riding in cold weather effects the horse!
  3. When putting a bit in, you put your thumb in the horses mouth to open its jaw.
  4. What is a Martingale used for?
  5. The bit was developed before the nosebands.
  6. Riding gloves can:
  7. What do horses mostly eat?
  8. It is best to go riding when?
  9. A horse over the age of 3 and a female is a:
  10. Which coat does not exist:

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horses?