Horses:How much do you know?

Horses are wonderful animals and I LOVE them! there is a lot to learn and know about them too. so yeah...I love horses (and ponies) I have one too.

How much do you know about horses? do you love Horses? take this quiz (it's really not hard) to find out if you really know alot about these wonderful animals!!!!!

Created by: annika
  1. ok this is easy: what is a pony?
  2. how big is a "hand" (in horse terms)
  3. where is the horse's whithers?
  4. where is a horses frog?
  5. what color is a bay horse?
  6. what does a palomino look like?
  7. which one isn't a draft horse?
  8. where are Falabellas from?
  9. Which saddle has a horn?
  10. whats a bit?
  11. what is the arabian stallion's name in King of the Wind?
  12. what is Sam's horses' names in the Phantom Stallion books?
  13. what is the height requirement for a American Miniature Horse?
  14. what is the fastest horse over a short distance? (in general)
  15. I know you wont really know this but what is my horses name?

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Quiz topic: Horses:How much do I know?