Are you a horse master/mistress?

There are many people in the world,who know about horses and some who don't and some who wish they could. Horses are very intresting creatures and should be more bigger in the world. It is very hard somtimes learning about horses but atleast I know and can share my knoledge with you!!!

I have made this quiz to test your horse ability and learn more about these magical creatures we share our world with. Many people do not like horses but that is just because they have not had the experiance I have/ 'Are you a horse Master/Mistress?' Do you have the knoledge of a horse champ? Well try out this testing quiz and discover you knoledge on horses. What are you waiting for? Your adventure begins now!!! Good luck!!

Created by: hollie

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  1. Which one of these is not a colour of a horse?
  2. Which one of these is not a breed of horse?
  3. Which of these are not part of a regualar horses tack?
  4. Which of these is not a horse event?
  5. What do horses where on their bodies somtimes?
  6. Which horse is the smallest in the world?
  7. Biggist horse in the world?
  8. Whichone of these riders are not famous Event Riders?
  9. Which of these are not famous horses?
  10. How old was the oldest pony?
  11. Which one of these ponies/horses do not eat?
  12. What is the name of the famous buisness which sells models of horses?
  13. Which one of these is not a part of the horse?
  14. Which one of theseis not a race horse?

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Quiz topic: Am I a horse master/mistress?