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This quiz is one of the best knowledge testing and brain teasing horsey quizzes online yet! I hope you take the time to find out if you can beat the average horselover's score in this fantastic horse quiz!

Are you smarter than a Horse?!!??!! Take the challenge of taking this great quiz and find out if you ARE Smarter Than A Horse! It is only 11 questions. Don't be a Chicken when it comes to horse smarts! Did you know horses like to step on chickens. Your challenge to say how much you know is here!

Created by: anna
  1. What type of colic is caused from not having enough water?
  2. What breed of horse is an Arabian mixed with a Pinto Saddlebred?
  3. What breed of horse is HolleyWood Dun It?
  4. What do you call it when the horse is over bent and has now shifted his weight to the fore instead of the hind?
  5. What type of leg protective boots does Clinton Anderson use when training horses?
  6. Joe Hancock was a Quarter Horse Stud. What type of line did he get?
  7. What do you call a horse with coloring and Quarter Horse lines? Hint: this is a color breed.
  8. What are the coloring regulations for a Fresian horse?
  9. What blood type of horse is a mix between a light horse and a draft horse?
  10. What do helmets do?
  11. In the Sate Fair for 4-H, what consequence can you get if you are a poor sport?

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