Do you know about horses?

Are you a horse wiz? Do you love and live for horses? Then prove it, Smarty Pants!(or in this case, Smarty Breeches!) 10 questions can be hard, so get ready!

What do YOU know about horses?Do you know a lot or only average? Are you a true rider, or a phony? Do you ride for life , or do you need to get back in the saddle?

Created by: buttons1416

  1. English riders use _______ hand(s) to control the reins.
  2. Ponies are....
  3. Walk, Trot,_________, Gallop
  4. What is another word for 'pad' or 'saddle blanket'?
  5. Some horses have flared nostrils to ___________.
  6. Bit, Headband, ___________.
  7. Jingle ______, Jingle ________, pick up your feet.
  8. Stripe,_________, dapples
  9. It is safer to jump using a ________ .
  10. You measure Equine beings in _______.

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Quiz topic: Do I know about horses?