Should you have a horse?

Horses are poetry in motion, we think they think guidance, so we guide them, but drop the reins, let the horse teach you a lesson you'll NEVER forget!

Are you ready for the big responsibility of owning a four legged equine friend? You may not know.. But take this quiz and you'll soon find out!!!!!!!

Created by: Jolie
  1. when you first meet the horse, should you or the owner ride it?
  2. Whats not part of the grooming routine?
  3. How long you should ride a horse a day?
  4. Should you pick out the frog of a horses hoof?
  5. Do I tell my horse off if he bites me?
  6. What sport requires a horse to jump an obstacle with his rider on him and to complete a set of obstacles under a set amount of time?
  7. What isn't a healthy treat for a horse?
  8. What is hay?
  9. Should you ride without a saddle blanket?
  10. Should a 11 year old kid get a 16.1 cob?

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Quiz topic: Should I have a horse?