How horsey are you

There are many horses around the world and many people that just simply can't live without horses! They helped us live our lives back in the days and we couldn't have lived with out them

Are you a horse genius? Well, fund out with this amazing quiz ! This quiz is in your own opinion ! So, take a look at his quiz and see if you can beat me!

Created by: Charlotte
  1. What do you prefer doing?
  2. What's your fav time of day?
  3. If your horse doesn't do something right, what would you do?
  4. If your mum bought you a BE (British eventing) pony but it wasn't the right colour, what would you do
  5. Your friend had just won the pony club championship and you came 3rd, what would you do?
  6. What is your fav discipline
  7. You went to the best riding academy in the world and had to pick a horse, but you where only aloud to pick the name without seeing the horse, who would you pick
  8. Say you picked rising star (95% of you did), when you saw her, she was a fat 11.2hh moody mare, and she was spotted ! What would you do?
  9. In the world of horses, what does JBS mean
  10. What colour is piebald
  11. What is the bit (60% of you get this wrong)
  12. This doesn't matter this question- if you could pick a horse, how much would you want it for ?
  13. How should this quiz end

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