Rider's Love Story Part 8



Created by: Horseluver

  1. Thanks for commenting on the last one, I was kinda out of it when I made it. Back in school, you know...
  2. So, the fair just rolled into town, and Liam has asked you if you'd like to go with him tomorrow. You dress casually, and meet him at the entrance. He smiles when he sees you. "Man, I really missed you." You smile halfheartedly, still frazzled from the other night. Liam notices and takes your hand. "Hey, are you alright?" You nodd and say, "Just some trouble at the ranch." It wasn't a lie, but you felt bad not giving him the whole truth.
  3. Liam pays the entrance fee himself despite your protests, you hate making someone else pay for everything. You two get hotdogs and Liam wins you a stuffed dog from a ballon toss. It starts getting dark, and the lit up ferris wheel catches your eye. Liam grins at this and takes your hand. He leads you over to it and you two climb it a lime green seat. You're a little afraid of heights, so you sit close to Liam. He doesn't object.
  4. The ferris wheel starts and takes you guys up to the very top where you can see the entire fair. It jolts to a stop at the peak and you make a small scared noise. Liam puts his arm around you and you instinctively snuggle into his chest. "I'm right here, ____, it's okay." Your heart skips a beat and you take a deep breath. Liam smells like strawberries.
  5. The ferris wheel groans to a start and begins taking you back down. You silently wish it would break and you could stay where you are for a long time. Of course, it doesn't, and Liam continues to hold your hand until you reach the parking lot. You two stare at each other, neither knowing what to say.
  6. "Thanks so much, Liam, I had a great time. It really took my mind off things." He smiled, and thankfully didn't ask for an explanation. He pulls you into a hug. You listen to the beating of his heart and sigh happily. You feel him look down at you so you look up at him. He leans in and kisses you. Your brain is shocked with excitement and strawberries. When you get home, you fall asleep feeling much better than you did the other night.
  7. The next day is uneventful other than Jackpot being able to be ridden again. Your mind is so full of thoughts of the guys, what happened with Ashton and Ryan, Liam and the fair, wanting to see Roy again, that you don't even notice another presence near the arena. When you look you realize angrily that it's April.
  8. You ride over to her and dismount. You tie Jackpot to the fence and pat his neck as he's a little jumpy around April. You exit the arena and face her, keeping a straight face. "Can I help you with something?" you ask. She's grinning smugly. "I heard you broke my ex's heart." The words are like a punch in the gut. "I was a simple misunderstanding." She rolls her eyes. "Please, ____, like you don't know what you're doing. You go and catch the affections of these guys so you can choose which one you want." You're jaw drops and your hand ball themselves into fists. "That's not at all what I'm trying to do! It's not my fault you were a bi*ch to Ashton and it made him want to dump you!" April looks hurt and she begins playing with her hair. Her gaze is darting back and forth between you and Jackpot. You catch this immediately and step in front of him, pointing your finger in her face. "If you even think about hurting him again, you'll regret it for the rest of you're life."
  9. She scoffs and begins reaching for your hand. You pull away. "Do, not, touch, me," you warn. She smirks and grabs your arm as if to show you can't tell her what to do. You grab her hand and force it towards her wrist. She cries out in pain and falls to the ground, you let go. "I told you not to, I gave you fair warning." She gets up and glares at you. "Now," you say simply. "Is there something I can help you with?" Her face turns beet red and she storms off. "If I ever catch you on my ranch again you'll be hearing from the police!" you shout after her.
  10. Alright! Hope you enjoyed your date with Liam and your final dealings with April!
  11. A special thanks to _Viola Lover_ for the idea for the fair!
  12. K bye!

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