Medieval Love Part 2

No one reads this so I'm just typing gibberish hope you don't mind!

No one reads this so I'm just typing gibberish hope you don't mind! This one has to be different.

Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. So, the judges decided that Sir William won. And Lord Phillip approached you saying, "Forgive me My Lady, I have failed what I have promised." His head hung in shame. You stand, leave your seat, and walk up to him. You gently lift his head. "Sir Knight, you cannot always win, but you tried, and that is all I ask." He smiles. "____, will you have dinner with me?"
  3. No matter the answer you agree. He takes you to a tavern and you two are seated towards the back. He's a bit quiet throughout the meal, but while you two are riding home in his coach, he leans over and kisses you. His curly red hair brushes your face.
  4. When he breaks away he looks terrified. "_____, I'm so sorry, I don't know what got into me, I-" You cut him off. "It's fine, Phillip." You arrive at your manor and he waves as they drive away.
  5. The next morning, you hear something hit your window, you get up and look out the window to see William throwing rocks. When he sees you he smiles and gestures for you to come down.
  6. You get dressed, tell your father you're leaving, and hurry to meet William. "Hello William, what brings you here?" you ask. "You, of course." he says, smiling. You blush. "Are you coming to the match this afternoon?" "I wouldn't miss it!" you reply. "Wonderful!" He's so excited he kisses you. When he pulls away he says, "Forgive me, I just, you're -" You nod. "I shall see you at the match?" "Of course, My Lady." He bows, gets on his roan and gallops away.
  7. That afternoon you go to the match as promised. The crowd's cheering is mixed with the sound of vendors selling wine and meat and such. You see William in the stands and go sit next to him. "I'm so glad you came, _____."
  8. Before the match, a man in golden (colored, not real) armor slowly rides up to you. "I will win this match in your name, My Lady." His dark brown hair falls just above his shoulders, and his eyes are a golden color.
  9. "What is your name?" You're getting tired of asking this. "Duke George Lenomine, My Lady." William snorts next to you and you smack his arm. Then you look back at the Duke. "Good luck, George." He smiles and rides away on his handsome buckskin mare.
  10. (This is the last guy) A man on a stunning white stallion approaches you and nodds, his silver armor glinting in the sun. "Beautiful Lady, I dedicate this match to you." He has short black hair and forest green eyes.
  11. You smile. "What is your name?" you ask for the forth time. "Sir Thomas Bendvin." he says before nodding again and leaving. William rolls his eyes. "Some of these knights don't know what they're doing." You silently disagree.
  12. Done! Come back for part 3!
  13. Thanks to everyone who left comments, it really helped to make this quiz.

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