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  • I scared her with a whip? You're telling me she was throwing rocks at my horse and all I did was scare her? WTF if someone was throwing rocks at my horse I would tie them to a tree and throw rocks at them and see how they like it >:(

  • I luv horse, but to bad i dont have one, i should have more than scared her with my whip i should have beaten her with it, to make her think twice before messing with my horses, next part pliiiizzzzz :)

  • Can't wait for the next quiz! Wish these were longer

  • I totally agree with angelic4 and sundaisy! Part 6 pleeeeeeease!!!! I miss Roy... :)

  • THAT B*****chy APRIL....!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! X(. ( I do not cuse)


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