A Myth Story Part 3



Created by: Horseluver

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  1. Okay, most people have said you want powers, so I'm gonna see what I can do...
  2. You've had your date with Seth, now it's Jared's turn.
  3. You eat breakfast slowly, still thinking about the guys. It's the last thing you want to worry about, but your mind seems to think otherwise. After you finish, you walk outside and stretch, letting the suns rays warm your face. You close your eyes, that rush of joy when Seth kissed you filling your mind once again. You shudder as chills shoot through your limbs and spine. You open your eyes to a fairly familiar sight. "Hi _____," says the dark-haired boy. You smile. "Hey Jared." He's wearing real clothing now, black jeans, a black tee, and black converse. His hair just covers his eyes, which kinda bothers you. You like being able to see people's eyes. "How have you been?" You shrug. "Better than yesterday." You feel it's best to leave your date with Seth out of the conversation.
  4. He stands there awkwardly for a second. "So...." You look around, as if looking for a conversation topic. "Listen, uh-" he begins. "I was wondering if, maybe you'd, I don't know..." You smile. He's really cute when he doesn't know what to say. "Wanted to catch a movie, or something?" You think for a moment, that sounds nice. "Sure, sounds great." He grins. You walk over to him and you two start for the theatre. The walk is in total silence apart from the occasional bird and twig snapping. You almost sigh with relief when the theatre appears, you don't like the silence between you. He pays for two tickets to some new horror film and you guys walk inside. The movie has something to do with zombies, but you are too busy hiding your face in his shoulder to notice. He just wraps his arms around you protectively. "Don't worry, ___," he whispers in your ear. "I'm right here." His words are comforting, but you still don't move.
  5. As you're walking home, he explains the movie. Something about zombies and tragic love. You don't pay full attention, partly because you just don't want to know, and partly because you're feeling a million emotions right now. Missing Seth, getting butterflies with Jared, wondering about the other guys. It's all clogging your brain, and you just can't think straight. Finally, you shake your head in an attempt to clear it, but it does nothing for you accept get you a confused look from Jared. "Everything okay?" he asks. You smile and nodd. "Just thinking." He studies you carefully before nodding. "I trust you." You're taken aback. He trusts you, and he doesn't seem like the type to give away his trust easily. You feel your face grow hot. When you get about halfway home, he starts to get twitchy. You ignore it at first, but when he collapses, you drop next to him. "Jared?! What's wrong?" Jared managed to hold still long enough to get out, "Transform." You nodd and stand. "You gonna be okay?" He nodds and waves you away. You turn and run.
  6. You don't stop, even when ou hear the transformation behind you. It's sounds gruesome and scary, not at all like the gryffin. You only stop when you reach home, and are inside. You slide down into a chair, relieved and exhasted, and frazzled from the date. The way he held you, in his strong and firm arms....
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  8. Sorry it took so long to get this out, I thought this series was done for until I re-read the first one.
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