After Death Part 4

Hi!It's me again.This is part FOUR and if you haven't read the others, click on my name and take them!Wow it is hard to keep track of time during summer.When did I release the last one?Four days?Five?

Descriptions:JOSH:Brown hair and blue eyes.Protective.Super strength and a force field.NICK:Brown hair and eyes.Nerdy.Powers are:Mind reading,tech savvey, and can turn invisible.TYLER:Blonde hair and blue eyes.Flirty.Powers are:Fire,speed, and mind control.MATTHEW:Black hair and green eyes.Mysterious.Powers are:Possesion and can walk through walls.

Created by: booknerd224

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  1. Recap:You found out you have every power known to ghost, and there is two main rules to these powers:1.)Never show them to a civilian ghost, for this could start a war.2.)Never...
  2. "Never use you powers for evil.(Me:I know, predictable.But the next sentance isn't)If you do use them for evil, you get bannashed to the surface.That's why there are ghosts on the surface.And why most of them are evil."
  3. Silence passed.Finally I said"Shouldn't we get training?"Nick said"Okay.Tyler, you start her off.The rest of us will go find someplace to go eat."The rest of the guys looked a little unsure about leaving me alone with him,but finally Matthew said"Okay.I hear there's a good Italian place around here."A couple minutes lator they left, leaving me with Tyler.
  4. I went to the nearest avalible room to look for clothes.I found some sweats and a T-Shirt and got dressed in them.Then I went out side and saw Tyler."What do we do first, Sir?" I said in mock army tone."No slacking, Soldier Sweetheart."He said in the same tone.Then he grinned."We are going to start with Fire vision.Just imagine fire.It's kind of hard to explain.Just look at that pile of sticks, and imagine fire."I looked at it and thought of fire.Warmth.Heat.A feeling of home.The enchanting look.The smoke, rising in beutiful swirls.The flames,crackling and snapping, the flames wavering in a beutiful pattern.I heard a snap, and saw that the twigs were on fire.
  5. I cheered "I did it.I did it!" "Good job" he gave me a high five."Can you do it again?"I looked for something else to burn.Finally I saw a pile of leaves.I looked at them and thought of fire.Almost immedietly they caught on fire.I jumped up and down."Woooooh!"
  6. “Guess we got that covered.Should we do speed next?” Tyler asked.I nodded my head.“Just run as fast as you can.Let's have a race.Go to that tree.Readysetgo!”Then he sped off.I ran after him, and saw the forrest blur.“Show off!” I yelled, but as soon as I finnished saying that I saw that I was past him and was a couple of yards away from the tree.I stopped and leaned against the tree. I beat him by a few seconds.“No, I think YOU'RE the show off.”We had a couple more races and I beat him every time.
  7. “Good,we got those powers worked out.Now it's time for persuasiveness, or mind control.Whichever you prefer.Just imagine a person doing something.It's like with the fire.Alot of ghostly powers are mental.”I imagined him walking a couple steps to the left.It was hard but eventuly he took 4 long steps.“I did it!Wooo!”I jumped up and down like an idiot.Tyler picked me up,spun me around,put me down,and continued cheering.Just then the rest of the guys came home,and we went inside to greet them.
  8. **Later**I told the rest of the guys about my advance in my powers.They nodded and congraduated me.Soon it was time for bed.I wore
  9. After I got dressed, I told the guys goodnight.Then I went to my bed and laid down.**The next thing I knew, I was in someone's living room.I looked around and found dark grey eyes looking at me.“How nice of you to visit, ________.”The voice behind them said.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!Who do you like?

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