After Death part 1

This is a story about life after death.This story has guys ;), Action >:), and drama:'( .This is my first story quiz.I hope you like it, because I worked hard on it. :D

If you do not like it, then go to another story, jerk >:( (JK) Kay, thank you all for reading this.You did not have to but you did.Let me tell you a secret:I always read the second paragraph.Okay,enjoy

Created by: booknerd224
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  1. The day I died, was also the day I started to live my new life.I can remember my death, as clear as a bell, as if it were yesterday. I was walking to the Mini-Mart. I was going to pick up milk for my grandmother Cassandra,who was my legal gardian, and suffred greatly from memory loss.
  2. I was crossing the street.Then I pushed the 'walk' button on the street post.When the walk symbol apeared on the street post on the other side of the street, I looked both ways.All of the lanes that had a red light in front of them stopped.Except one.But that didn't have any cars in it except for one, but it was far away,and I was sure it was going to stop once it got to the light.So I started walking.I was wrong about the car going to stop.I looked to my right, and screamed.The car was 10 feet away from me,going 30 miles an hour with no sign of stopping.I stooped down and held my head with my hands.Red.Pain.Black.Pain.Then a white flash.The pain stopped.I felt the sensation of being on a rollor coastar:Wind in my face and dizziness.Then it stopped and I fell asleep on grass.
  3. When I woke up,there was a guy next to me."Come on, she should be up by now"I heard him say.I sat up,yawned, and rubbed my eyes"Finally awake,Sleeping beauty?"He said, grinning.I looked at him.He had brown hair the color of chocolate, and eyes the color of the ocean."How long have I been out, and where am I?"I asked.I was pretty sure I didn't fall asleep while hiking through a forest.In fact, the last thing I remembred was telling my grandma I was going to pick up milk."I can't answer that last question(yet), but I can tell you that you've been sleeping for 48 hours, and that my name is Josh."he answered."Why are you here, watching me sleep?"I asked.He laughed and said"I'm going to take you home,Beauty.
  4. "Oh,"I said.He grinned wider"Come on beautiful, lets go meet the rest of the family,"Since I didn't have anywhere else to go, I followed him into the woods.After about 5 minutes we came across a tent, with 3 guys in it.Josh introduced them as Tyler,Matthew, and Nick.Nick had brown hair, brown eyes, lean mucles and had a kind of a nerdy look to him.It looked cute to me though.Matthew had jet black hair, green eyes, and a mysterious look about him.Tyler had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.He had a seductive look about him.
  5. After I met the guys, they packed up the tent."Why are you doing that?"I asked Nick.He shrugged and said"We were only camping here waiting for you to wake up""Why?"I asked."Sorry, can't tell you that."Just like Josh said.Ughhh, this mysteriousness is getting to me.
  6. The guys finished packing up and then we set out.The forest was beautiful.And colorful.The trees were the brightest green I have ever seen.The water was a clear blue.The animals were graceful the berries were very sweet, and there were lots of berrys and animals I've never seen before.Tyler slowly started getting slower, until he was next to me behind the guys."Beautiful, isn't it.But not as beautiful as you"
  7. I blushed and mumbled thanks.Then I continued looking at the forest.No guy has ever called me beautiful before.Especially a random guy I just met.Suddenly I realized something.I've been walking all day and I wasn't even tired.I got tired of walking home from school which takes half an hour.Were those berries I ate redbull berries?Cause I ate about a bucket load of those.But something in the back of my mind told me that the berries wern't the cause of my energy.I knew the answer, but I just couldn't think of it.
  8. It was on the tip of my tounge, like a vague memory.I tried to shake it off, but I couldn't get rid of the nagging suspision that I knew the answer.I'd ask the guys if they knew why I wasn't getting tired, but they'd probably say 'I can't tell you...yet.'At least the yet implied that I'd get to know soon.Another thing bothred me too.The sun was shining so bright that it blinded my eyes, and we wern't stepping in the shade, but I was so cold I was nearly shivering.
  9. Finally we reached civilization.It looked alot like home.But it wasn't.It seemed...deader.Josh said"Welcome to your new home, the ghost town Urbinia."I gasped.Not because he said it was my new home, but because the word "ghost" triggred something.The crash.The black pain.The white antidote.Waking up in the forest.Oh my god I'm dead.I started crying, full of grief.What's it going to be like for every one that knew me?My friends, my grandma, everyone I knew.I sat down, head on my knees, full-out sobbing.One guy patted my back,then they all took turns hugging me."Shhhhh, thats it, let it go, it's gonna be alright"one of the guys said, but I didnt pay attention to who said it.One of them picked me up and carried me into a house.He laid me on a bed and rubbed my back.Then, once he was convinced I was asleep, he kissed my head and left the room.As soon as he closed the door I started crying again.What was every body I knew going to do.I'm dead.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!Okay, the next part is going to come out in a few days, okay?Who do you like?

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