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  • DX Why must you leave me in suspense? Anyways about the female character, depends on if the personality is good or evil but I'll put a description for both.

    Good: Her name is Mandy, long black hair, pale, and grey eyes (that could make it kinda like a twist :) ) or if you don't want that she could have bluish-green eyes personality, shy, and quiet, but can be fun and smart. How she died: She drowned. Powers: I'll let you decide.

    Evil: Her name is Cindy. Blonde hair, tanned, dark blue eyes. Personality: mischievous, a bit bossy, snobby. How she died: car accident. Powers: I'll let you decide.

    Okay well you don't have to choose them. Just a thought.

  • @musicdino.Gack!I didn't even think of her to be evil.Or to be the grey eyes.Or even her powers.See, this is why it is good to have extra opinions.Don't worry,I'll try to get the next one out ASAP :)

  • @booknerd224: :D glad I could help!


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