I'm Just Ranting



Created by: Horseluver

  1. So, I'm just ranting on radom things, thanks for listening!
  2. So, you know how people say the book doesn't matter, only it's content? Well that's bulls---. If there was no book, there'd be no where to put the content, so the book is just as important as its content.
  3. So, there's this song called Pocahontas Proud, it's a great song about a girl who leaves her home town of Pocahontas Illinois, and hopes to do something to make her town proud. The entire song is her struggle, and in the end, she has a baby and says its the greatest thing she'll ever do.
  4. I think that's lame. Unless you have a medical condition, all women are capable of having kids. So, getting pregnant and having a baby is not the best thing you can do for this earth, there are enough people here already, get out and change the world! Don't just populate it!
  5. Some people say you aren't complete until you've been in love. I disagree. All love has ever don't for me is tear me apart and cause me pain. So that might be true for some, but not all.
  6. So, leave your rants in the comments. I'll probably add more when I think of them.
  7. I have to have 12 questions.
  8. Hm...
  9. Kk, one more!
  10. K bye!

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