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This is my first test quiz thing. I hope you like it and I hope it wasn't to boring. Originally, it was going to be a book, so I had to change a lot of things. Like instead of the main character being you, it was a girl named Meagan. I hope you like it! And trust me when I say it will get better!

You live in a small town called Addison Hills. It is your last year at Hills High School. You think i it's just going to be like any other year, but things change when you meet Ian, a mystery boy. You even end up getting kidnapped.

Created by: alyk4321

  1. Foreshadow: (you thinking to yourself, or telling yourself,) Running. Running as fast as my legs would carry me to safety. I has never known that the choices I had mad would lead me and my whole life into jeopardy. But most importantly, the ones I had loved.
  2. You walk into school. Summer is over. Back to the jocks and the popular people, the nerds and the weirdos. But you have just somehow been categorized as normal. You are thinking about this year, your senior year, and wasn't paying attention to where you were going. "Whoa!" You say. What just happened? You think to yourself. You had bumped into this guy. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" You say as you help him pick up his books. "It's okay," he says as he reaches down and helps you up. He has dreamy, dark eyes. But they were really, really, dark. Almost un-human like. "You should be careful," he says looking deep into your eyes. "You could get hurt running into- other people.
  3. He walks off, you guess to his first class. The bell rang. "Shoot!" you say as you jog down the hallway and open the door to your first class."Mr. Ligby, I-" "Miss. Anderson," says Mr. Ligby your science teacher. "You're," he looked at his watch. "two minutes late. And on your first day back. How disappointing. Go ahead and have a seat next to Mike." You walk over to where Mr. Ligby is pointing and have a seat. "Hey," Mike says to you. "Hi," you replied as you get out your notebook and pen. "So," he says expecting you to look back. "Are you new to this school?" You finish writing your train of thought and then look up at him. He had curly brown hair and big, brown, eyes. He was wearing a football jersey. Great. A football player, You think to yourself. "Um, no. I've been going here since ninth grade." Like anyone else, You think. "Oh," he said a little embarrassed. "I've just never noticed you before. Big mistake." You smile and look up at the board. He smiles a shy smile and starts taking notes.
  4. After a few more classes you head to lunch. You put your things in your locker and hear a voice from behind you. "Headed to lunch?" You turn to see two guys behind you. "I'm James," he says. "And this is Mark." James has hazel/orangish eyes and dark hair. Mark seems a little shy, and has piercing blue eyes and black hair. "I'm..." You start as you look down the hall and see that mystery guy from earlier. "You're who?" James asks. "Oh! Sorry." You say looking back at them. "I'm (your name). Do I know you guys?" "Oh, uh, no. We actually, this is our first year. We just thought we'd introduce ourselves. You seemed like a nice person." You blush. "Thanks. Look, I gotta go, but I'll probably see you guys later. It was nice meeting you!" As you walk you could feel them looking at you. "Bye!" Mark says. You just turn around and smile.
  5. You walk into the cafeteria. You are in line for lunch when you hear a shriek come from behind you. Well this is certinally a good day for meeting new people."Oh. My. Gosh. ________!" "Yes?" you ask turning around. "It's Amy!" "Oh my gosh, Amy!" You hugged. "I haven't seen you in years!" Amy had been your best friend but then she had to move to London for her dad's job a few years ago. You had been writing letters to each other but I didn't even think of her getting an accent."Your voice!" You say. "I know, I got an accent," she says laughing. "that's what happens when you stay in England for seven years." "You sound so funny! Sorry, I don't mean to be rude it's just, I haven't seen you since fifth grade, and now when I do see you, you're... well, British!" You get your food and sit down and catch up. "So you seriously made the soccer team?" she asks you like it was hard to believe. "Yeah, I actually did." You say in a sarcastic way. You've played soccer pretty much your whole life- Amy and you used to play together before she moved. "So," you ask. "Why did you decide to come back the last year of high school?" "Well, my dad said it was my decision. And I didn't want you to have all the fun! Also, I wanted to be able to graduate with my best friend." You smile. "So, does Jake still go to school here?" she asks. You look down and pick at your food. "I haven't seen him yet today," you say. "But yeah, he's doing fine. We were actually just talking about you the other day. He's going to be so happy to see you again!" Jake, Amy, and you were all best friends since kindergarten, but after Amy left, your group just kinda just split up. You and Jake still hang out though. "I can't wait to talk to him." she says smiling.
  6. "Hmm." You hear someone behind you clear their throat. "_________, right?" "Yes," you say turning around. You're shocked to see who it is. "You dropped this earlier, I thought I should return it to you." he says. It was your heart shaped locket that your grandmother had given you before she died. "Oh my gosh! I...I don't know what to say!" "Well, I know it is very important to you," he said "Wait, how do you know-" "I better get going." he says as he looks at you once more before he walks away. "Well," Amy says. "that was interesting." "Yeah," You say as you watched him walk away. "Well, anyways," Amy continued. Her words seem to to drain out as you watch the mystery guy. He sits down with his lunch at a table all by himself. And looks at you."Meagan? Are you listening?" Amy asks. "Oh," You say as I turn to face her. "Yeah, i am." "Okay, why don't we meet up later? The movies, maybe?" "Yeah, that would be great!" You say as she gets up to head to her next class. "And Meagan?" she says. "Yeah?" "It was so great seeing you again." "You too." You smile as she walks away. You turn around and see him still staring at you. What is his problem? You ask yourself.
  7. You get up and head to class. After you get your stuff from your locker, you head to room 263. "Is this where Drama class is meeting?" you ask. "Yes, it is." answers a slightly tall lady with curly blond hair and blue eyes. She looks like she's in her late fifties. "You must be Meagan. Amanda told so much about you." "And you must be Mrs. Mills. It's so nice to meet you!" "Are you ready for another great year? I've heard about what a great actress you are!" "Yeah, I guess I'm excited. It'll just be a little different without Ms. Martin directing the play this year." "I know." she says. "But trust me, I'm not to bad myself." You laugh and wait for the other students to come in. After everyone had gotten there you realize you only knew a few of the kids there. There was Jake, should I tell him about Amy? you thought. No, I better let her talk to him. You see a few emo kids, You guess they thought they might like this class? Then there was Jessica, AKA Miss Perfect, and her boyfriend, who is also on the football team, Anthony. You also saw Mark, that new kid you met earlier. "Hey," You say as you walk up to him. "Mark, right?" "Yeah, that's right. And your _______." "Yep!" You say as you smile. "So this is your first year?" "Oh, uh, yeah it is." There were a bunch of kids you had never seen before however."Hmm." Mrs. Mills clears her throat. "Class! Class!!" You could see no one was paying attention. Poor Mrs. Mills, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. You think. Then you see her take something out of her pocket. A whistle. She blows it. All the students cover their ears and draw their attention to her. Okay, maybe I was wrong. You think. "Okay, now that everyone is paying attention, I'd like to announce this years play. We are going to be working on Romeo and Juliet! Now I know that..." She keeps talking as you look over at Jessica. "Don't worry." she tells Anthony. "If I'm Juliet, which I will be, you'll be Romeo. If you aren't, I'll sue." Oh, brother. It's a great story, leave it to Jessica to screw it up. you think.
  8. After school, you head out to your car. A neon green 1976 Mustang Cobra. Your dad fixed it up for you. You love this car. If anything happened to it, you don't know what you would do. You were about to get into your car when a truck comes and almost hits you. Someone pushs you out of the way. Screech! The truck hits your car. Great. Just great. "Wha- what happened?" You're in shock from almost dying. "_______, it's going to be okay." That voice. Those eyes. It was the mystery guy. "But- but I almost got killed... then... I-I-I- someone-" "Shhh..." he puts his finger on your lips. "You're going to be fine. Now let me give you a ride home." You get into his car with him. You stare out the window the whole way home. You think it helps you to calm down. "You know," you finally say. "I don't even know your name." He hesitates, then says, "Ian. Ian Holt." "Nice to meet you Ian." You say as you smile. "You too," he says. "Though I feel as if I've known you my whole life." he looks at you with those eyes again. You have to look away. You pulled into your driveway. "Wait," you say looking confused. "How did you know where I lived?" He looks up a little nervous. "I, uh, looked it up in the directory.""But how did you-" "Look, you better go, I bet your parents are worried." "Um...yeah. Okay." You get out and are about to shut the door. "Thanks for saving me, Ian." "Your welcome." he answers. You're walking inside when you fell a tap on your shoulder. "You know, you really have a bad way of sneaking up on people." You say as you turn around. But it wasn't Ian. It was a man you had never seen before. "I think you should come with me, ________." he says."How do you know my-" he puts a cloth over your face. There's something on it. You're out.
  9. Oh, no! A cliffhanger!
  10. One last thing... will you take Once: A Chance Part 2 when it comes out?
  11. Ok, so who do you like?

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