How much do you know about Sonny With a Chance?

Some say the LOVE Sonny with a chance... But do you? Do you really? *lol* If you do love sonny with a chance you should know every detail then! Well, to figure that out, take this quiz just to make sure!

Okay... You gotta stop reading this... You should be pumped up and ready to take your SWAC Power 2 the Test! Anyway, Nobody really reads this thing but go ahead and try the quiz! Go on now!

Created by: Jessica

  1. What episode does Selena Gomez does guest star on?
  2. What is the episode called when Selena Gomez guest stars?
  3. What job does Nico's dad have?
  4. What is the dog's name in one of the sketches?
  5. What is the rival show of So Random?
  6. Who has the love/hate relationship?
  7. What is Sonny's real name?
  8. Who is the manager of So Random?
  9. Who is the lunch lady?
  10. Who is Mr.Condors daughter?
  11. What is the only thing good to eat in the cafeteria?
  12. What type of food do they have once a week?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Sonny With a Chance?