Chad, who's that?

How well do you know Chad? This is just a random poorly planned out quiz just to see how transparent I am to the people I know and love! So take your time relax and enjoy the random meaningless questions I have thrown together.

So all the questions on this quiz have something to do with me somehow, when I figure that out I will be sure to post another quiz asking myself why I felt it necessary to do this.

Created by: Chad Heinrich

  1. Everyone should probably know that I love Maynard, what are his last and middle names?
  2. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder what is it?
  3. What is in the background of the tattoo on my left shoulder?
  4. Who is my favorite character from Spongebob?
  5. Finish one of my favorite lyrics... "I need to watch things die..."
  6. My son Evan and I have the same name meanings, what do our names mean?
  7. What is my dogs name?
  8. Who is my all time favorite drummer?
  9. How many peircings have I had?
  10. What is my favorite color?
  11. Who would you say is my favorite football player?
  12. Favorite movie villian of all time?
  13. Favorite Comedy Actor?
  14. Insect I am most afraid of?
  15. Who is my favorite artist of all time?

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