Are you really a Gleek??

Are you a fan of the television show, Glee? Do you know these characters inside and out? Can you remember all the episodes? Take this quiz to see how Gleeky you really are!!!

Do you love Glee? Do you wish it was still on the air? I miss the music and all the guest stars. See how many things you can remember from season 1 to season 6!

Created by: S.

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  1. Who sings the song "Valerie"?
  2. What was the name of Quinn's college boyfriend?
  3. What word did Puck carve onto the trunk of Finn's memorial tree?
  4. Who played Santana's love interest in season 5?
  5. Who played the character Jeff from the Warblers?
  6. Who is Rachel Berry's idol?
  7. Who sang "Jessie's girl"?
  8. What Broadway show did Rachel become cast?
  9. Who pretended to have a speech impediment?
  10. Who had "self diagnosed asbergers"?
  11. Who played the character Finn Hudson?
  12. What song does Finn and Puck sing while they receive their diplomas at graduation?
  13. What did Finn want Quinn want to name her baby girl?
  14. What was Ms. Pillsbury's first name?
  15. Mr.Shuester was played by which actor?
  16. Who rescues Artie from a Porto potty?
  17. Who's guilty pleasure was Barry Manilow?
  18. The unholy Trinity consisted of Quinn, Santana and what other character?
  19. Who called Kurt "porcelain"?
  20. Who played April Rhodes?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a Gleek??