Gleek Out! Are you a Glee expert?

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Do you love Glee. Do you think you think are a true and total Gleek? Well then this quiz is for you? Test your Glee knowledge, put your right to be a Gleek to the test. Think you can get them all right? Lets begin.

There are so many who appreciate Glee as much as I do. Now, I know you appreciate this show, but how well do you truly know this show. Are you a Gleek?

Created by: Eliana
  1. In season one who was the first person Kurt told he was gay?
  2. Kurt and the Warblers on Valentines Day to serenade a guy Blaine. What was the name of this "guy".
  3. Which Broadway theater did Kurt and Rachel sing on and what musical was it for?
  4. What is the real name of Starchild?
  5. How was Rachel told that she got the role of Fanny?
  6. What is the name of Rachel's mom and what is her job on the show?
  7. Which has been covered six times on the show?
  8. Who won an award for best recurring guest star?
  9. What song did Marley sing after she found out Jake cheated on her?
  10. Sue Sylvester had a video posted on YouTube of her doing whose "Physical"?
  11. During what song did Marley pass out during?
  12. What song from Pippin did Blaine and June Dolloway sing?
  13. What 3 cities were National held in?
  14. Which Glee girl did Sam NOT date?
  15. Which Into The Woods was done on Glee?
  16. Which one of the schools musicals got canceled(not cabaret)?
  17. What song was done in Glee's first sectionals?
  18. What did Tina change her tattoo to after she broke up with Mike?
  19. Which of these songs has not been done yet on season 6?
  20. Who has yet to appear on season 6?

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