How well do you know Glee?

There are many smart people, but few true Gleeks. A Gleek is, after all, a binge watcher. Am I correct or am I correct? A Gleek is a fan of Glee, the show.

Are YOU a Gleek? Are you a person who might be seen on a couch with Oreos™ or Lays™? Watching Glee on the television or laptop or phone or tablet? Spoilers ahead!

Created by: Luna

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  1. In what episode does Sue call Emma's name correctly?
  2. What show did Rachel star in?
  3. Who is the real father of Beth?
  4. What traumatic experience did Finn have?
  5. So idk what to put here is Blaine's husband....?
  6. Finish the sentence: The show must go ________....or something..
  7. OK now who said it?
  8. Rachel marries who?
  9. Which people had a double wedding?
  10. Final question: What was their last song sung together?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Glee?