Are you a GLEEK?

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Glee is an international phenomena that has the world singing as one! Everyone loves this show, its a feel good happy show that will lift your spirits when you need it most:)!

Do you deserve to call yourself a Gleek? Do you know this show as well as you may think? You can find that out in these simple 17 questions that is a breeze for any true Glee fanatic!

Created by: Milk N Cookies
  1. Where does this show take place?
  2. What subject does Will Schuester teach?
  3. Who is the guidance counselor of the shool?
  4. Who is the Glee Club's rival?
  5. Which character is pregnant?
  6. What song does Rachel perform at sectionals?
  7. Who is Will's love interest?
  8. Which episode does Sue become co-captain of Glee?
  9. What job does Will's wife take at the school?
  10. Which performance did the club do on mattresses?
  11. What episode does Emma sing?
  12. What instrument does Artie play?
  13. Why does Will leave his wife Terri?
  14. Which characters have never had a solo?
  15. Who ends the first half of the season with a kiss?

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