How Well Do You Know Glee?

There are many Glee fans but few true Gleeks. Gleek after all is quiet an important, honor to have as a title. But what is a GLeek? Just a Glee fan, or a Glee crazy Gleek? Take this test, If you get up neer 100% you just might be a true Gleek.

Are YOU a Gleek? Do you have the Gleepower to pass this quiz. Until now, you could wonder ask think and belive that you are but now, YOU Will know the true Gleekyness of all Gleeks, the people who ace this test, the Gleeks!!!

Created by: Cam
  1. Is The School A....
  2. What Is Emma's Last Name?
  3. Which Is A Charactors Name?
  4. What Did The Glee Kids Do To Raise Money For Artie?
  5. What Is Emma Afraid Of?
  6. Where Does Ken Finnaly Take Emma On A Date?
  7. Who Does Rachel Have A Crush On?
  8. Who Writes Fanfiction?
  9. What Type Of Fanficton Does That Person Write?
  10. What Is A Cheerios Quote?
  11. Who wants to get into Rachel's Pants?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Glee?