Glee Season 1 and 2

All the episodes of season 1 and 2 of Glee have been fantastic. Do you think you know everything there is too know about Glee? Are you a true Gleek???

How much do you know about season 1 and 2 of Glee? Are you a true and official Gleek? Lets find out how much trivia you really know with this Gleeks quiz!

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. Who are the 5 original Glee kids?
  2. Who falls pregnant in season 1 episode 4, Preggers.
  3. In the episode Vitamin D, what job does Will's wife Terri fill in for?
  4. Which episode are year book photo's taken?
  5. Who quits Glee before Sectionals when Finn finds out Puck in the father of Quinn's baby?
  6. In the episode Laryngitis, whose singing voice is affected by laryngitis?
  7. In the episode Dream On, what does Artie write as his dream.
  8. In the episode Theatricality the Glee Club sings songs by singer...
  9. Which song does the Glee Club not sing at Regionals, in the last episode of season 1 Journey?
  10. In the episode Duets, who sings a duet with Santana?
  11. In the episode The Rocky Horror Glee Show, who plays the Transvestite for the final performance?
  12. What is the name off the substitute teacher in the episode The Substitute?
  13. In season 2's Sectional's episode Special Education, who sings the first song in Sectionals?
  14. In the episode Blame It On The Alcohol which four Glee kids kiss during spin the bottle.
  15. Which character believes she is pregnant in the episode Sexy?
  16. Which Glee Clubs perform at Regionals in the episode Original Song.

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