Are You A Gleek

This quiz is to test your knowledge on how ell you know your glee. do you know who is dating who, what and who all the rumors are about well in this quiz you will find out. Just go ahead and see for yourself.

Are you truly a gleek do you really know eveything you can about Glee. Well let's find out and see with this Are You A Gleek quiz. Are you caught up with all the dish, now you can be with my helpful quiz.

Created by: rachel
  1. What number is Finn Hudson on the McKinley High Football Team?
  2. In the first episode of glee who do Mercedes say she is?
  3. Who was coach of the glee club before Will Schuster
  4. What previous event to glee club caused Dianna Agron's (Quinn's) voice to be so nassaly?
  5. What is Quinn's secret?
  6. What is Kurt's secret to getting a field goal in football?
  7. Why does Noah Shave his Mohawk?
  8. Fiil In The Blank: "Thinking - was a sensible birth control option", said Quinn.
  9. What is Noah's summer job?
  10. Why is Kent Tanaka rplaced by Coach Shannon Be1ste?
  11. Who does Lea Michele play in Glee?
  12. How does Quinn tell Finn she got Pregnant at first?
  13. When Rachel Quits Glee Club who did Mr.Schuster replace her with?
  14. Who is Rachel's third boyfriend?

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