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Gleeks are everywhere, because in my opinion the TV show GLEE is just so good! Someone who is a Gleek know the show upside down and inside out. They are true fans.

If you think you're a Gleek, take this quiz to find out if you truly are one of Glee's biggest fans! Only takes about five or less minutes to complete. Good luck!

Created by: weow

  1. Who is Will Schuester?
  2. What is the name of the song Kurt sings in his audition to join Glee?
  3. Who out of Rachel, Tina, Kurt, Artie, Quinn and Mercedes do we NOT see audition for Glee?
  4. What tickets did Football coach Ken Tanaka buy Emma?
  5. What product/s did the Glee club shoot a commercial for?
  6. What is the first song we hear Finn sing in the shower?
  7. What did Puck and Quinn name their baby?
  8. Who was the worst love-struck student to have a crush on Will Schuester?
  9. How many copies did Rachel and Finn print from Sue Sylvester's Cheerios photo copying machine?
  10. How does Will find out about the "non existent" baby Terri was carrying?
  11. The color icing on the muffins made for the bake sale?
  12. What was the ice sculpture of at Emma and Ken's fail wedding reception?
  13. Where do Rachel and Jesse St James meet?
  14. What is the color of Rachel's favorite flavor slushie?
  15. Last question - Who saves Glee Club in 'Journey'?

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