Glee Season One Quiz

Have you seen all of season one of Fox's TV show Glee? It's a really great show about a club of high school outcasts who join glee club, and are threatened by the school's mean cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester.

Do you think you're a Gleek? Do you think you know everything about the show? Take this fun, easy quiz and find out if you know the important details of Glee. Good luck!

Created by: Fallout3
  1. How many students originally signed up to be in Glee Club?
  2. Along with being the Glee coach, Mr. Schuester was also a...
  3. How did Mr. Schuester get Finn to join Glee?
  4. Mr. Schuester was going to quit teaching to become what?
  5. Rachel falls in love with Mr. Schuester after singing a ballad with him. What was the name of the other girl who once did the same thing?
  6. Who's songs did Sue Sylvester insist Figgins play over the intercom during the school day?
  7. Who made the "glist"?
  8. What did Rachel get that messed up her singing voice?
  9. Who was Will's high school nemesis?
  10. When the girls (and Kurt) do songs by Lady Gaga, who do the the guys do songs by?
  11. Who is Rachel's mom?
  12. Who was not one of the judges at Regionals?
  13. What do the glee kids do to get money for a bus for Artie?
  14. Which of these is not a song performed by New Directions at either Sectionals or Regionals?
  15. Who is not Rachel's boyfriend at some point?
  16. After Vocal Adrenaline tee-peed New Direction's choir room, what did the glee club guys do to get back at them?
  17. What school is Vocal Adrenaline from?
  18. When Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, Artie, and Brittany's names don't get put on the glist, what do they do to seem bad?
  19. Which glee club did not perform at Regionals?
  20. What did Quinn name her baby?

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