Gotoquiz Shoutout: Firey_Soul!

Welcome to the quiz, lovelies! So my goal today is to glorify one gotoquiz user who I think is absolutely amazing that I've recently come upon: Firey_Soul!

So I came across Firey_Soul when she started following my "Your Freaking Story" series, which I will be publishing more of, by the way! Everyone check her out!

Created by: Trolling Bankson
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  1. HEY YO GOTOQUIZ! OPEN DEM EARS! So I've recently doing some searching around gotoquiz, scoping out those of you who seem to be following my "Your Freaking Story," quiz (BTW YOU BEST ALL BE TAKING THAT!!!111!!!111!1!1!1!111!!!11111!!.....8). But there's one that REALLY got my attention: Firey_Soul. Lemme tell you, if you go to her user page, you're gonna derp all over the floor cause she's righting freaking novels over there! Go forth and take her quizzes, I commandeth you!
  2. Alright, so if you haven't heard of her, which I doubt because she seems pretty popular, go check her out! She's got some really great writing in her stories, and has started a series here and there. Girls, you'll get a kick out of them, but for my fellow bros out there like James Bond and Wolfman1, you may be dissapointed, cause relationships are a big topic of hers in quizzes.
  3. Another thing I've noticed about her is that she seems really in touch with her fans, she seems to take their opinions into her writing and is curious what they have to say. I honestly crack up every time I read one of her raging rants, she's so freaking animated! (Well, not literally, just the... ok, you know what? Forget it...)
  4. But if there's one thing that I love in any writer, it's how fluid they are. And being a wannabe writer myself, I'm very hard to please... But Firey_Soul literally took my expectations, shanked them, burned them, tossed them in a potato sack, and sent them flying off a cliff to the bottom of a lake... Now you probably think I'm exaggerating... I am actually, my expectations are writing this quiz for me. But in all honesty, she's an amazing writer. for all of you out there who love those pointless, funny, off-the-wall type quizzes, you'll fall in love with her user page! O.O I'm not even trolling, go check her out!
  5. So this girl is a fan of anything Paranormal, so you lovers of the supernatural: go take her Paranormal Love quiz!
  6. For those of you Smosh fans out there, you will absolutely fall in love with this girl! I'm not exaggerating that, she's like the biggest Dan fan I've ever seen...
  7. Low chance of a quiz won't be a problem, she makes one rather frequently. Whether it's a series or just a pointless quiz (Which I love it when she does those), you'll get what you asked for.
  8. Ok, I'm just about done pouring my freaking guts out. You probably get the idea, I wont bore you by saying it over and over again :)
  9. Alright everyone, I'll keep in touch with you all, thanks for putting up with my idiotic ranting... BROFIST
  10. ... Watcha still doing here?

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