Help, Please? (DaughterOfPoseidon)

I need help... I'm suffering from writer's block! Any ideas? You can leave some in the comments if you want to, I'm making a shoutout quiz to those who have helped me!

There's also a small shoutout in this quiz to someone super AMAZING. You gotta admit she's cool. Ever wonder who's/what's cooler than ice? I think she knows the answer...

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon
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  1. Okay so it's me, DaughterOfPoseidon. I need help, I think I've told you guys about my writers block on some other quiz, right? Well if I didn't, I'm suffering from writer's block. It's so frustrating! I'll list some of my ideas that I've come up with but I always thought it wasn't good. So lemme know what you guys think of these ideas before you suggest some! :)
  2. First story idea by DaughterOfPoseidon: A Leo/Reyna Love Story! If you read The Heroes Of Olympus books then you probably know who Leo and Reyna are. If you don't, they're 2 characters from the Heroes Of Olympus books by Rick Riordan. I know Leo and Reyna haven't met yet but there's a lot of people saying they'll be a couple so i thought, why not make a love story? Everyone loves a love story now and then, right? So that's the first idea :)
  3. The second idea by DaughterOfPoseidon: Through The World And Back! Its about 2 girls named Savanna and Tammy. Savanna is a single child with a single parent, which is her mom. She's 13 years old. Tammy is the same age as Savanna (13) and she has a 9 year old sister. She also has a stepmom. So Savanna and Tammy are just casually walking along until Tammy takes just one step and falls down a hole that has been camouflaged as grass. Savanna peers down the hole and screams out to Tammy, but instead she felt some push her down as well. That's when they land in this universe where time stops and unknown dangers lurk.
  4. *Continued From The Last Story Idea* Savanna and Tammy soon realize they have to face the unknown world together in order to get back home.
  5. The last idea I have: A Jiper Love Story! Yes another love story and yes another paired couple from The Heroes Of Olympus books! So I think Jason and Piper make a great couple, don't ya think? To me, it kinda seems there's not much Jiper fan fiction stories out there in the world, so I thought of making one! It's not all cheesy love stuff, there's gonna be some action in there. Maybe a new quest? ;)
  6. That's all the ideas that I have for now...
  7. If you have an idea that you want to get turned into a "book" but don't know where to start then you can leave those ideas in the comments and I'll see what I can do. :)
  8. I'll make a shoutout quiz to those who came up with brilliant ideas! By the way... I'm not saying that you have to come up with an idea for me, you can just leave one if you want to :)
  9. So that's all!
  10. A SHOUTOUT TO AN AMAZING PERSON.... LipsForKissing!!!!!! I saw that you've read some of my quizzes/books. And I wanted to say, thanks. It made me smile when I saw your name on my quiz stats. :)

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