Some Girl's Diary (Part 2!)

Hey guys! It's DaughterOfPoseidon! So I've updated like I said I would, so I kept my word. This is a fiction diary, its NOT my own diary. I don't wanna make people think its mine XD

BACK TO THE STORY! So like I said this is part 2, if you want to check out part 1, search 'DaughterOfPoseidon' or 'Some Girl's Diary' and click the result 'Some Girl's Diary' once you see that, check if it's by 'DaughterOfPoseidon'

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon
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  1. Hey, me again. My mom got invited to have dinner with her friend tonight and she's dragging me and my little sister along. Apparently, there's going to have other kids my age. But that's another way to say, that there's going to be 7 year olds instead of 17 year olds.
  2. Once my mom asked if I wanted to go, I just sighed and said yes. Although, it sounded like a command than asking me a question. Oh well. ANYWAYS. Until that happens, I went out for a walk around the neighborhood. It gave me time to think about school. Only one more year left... I'm scared.
  3. Not the kind of scared where you wanna craw under a rock and hide. But the kind of scared that makes you think too much and makes you think really negative. I guess another word to describe me is nervous. All these questions going through my head is really stressing me out, I've got enough things going on in my life and all I need is this.
  4. I reached ____ Crescent and walked past the neighborhood playground. I saw a couple of kids sliding on the slide and swinging on the swings. While their parents were sitting down on benches watching them or pushing them on the swing.
  5. I smiled thinking that these kids will have a happy family. I don't know... I just got a feeling that they will. I'm glad that they will, not worrying about what bad things could happen to them when they wake up in the morning.
  6. My friend says that her mom used to buy liquor and brought it home to drink it when her little sisters went to bed at 8pm. Her mom doesn't have a job yet, she just drinks and gets drunk. The other problem is, is that when her mom got drunk, her mom started getting mad at every little thing my friend does.
  7. Like if she thought the dishes weren't clean enough, she started hitting my friend. She came to my house once, I saw bruises on her legs and arms. I ignored them, until I noticed that there were bruises everyday. I cried when she told me about her mom.
  8. I feel sorry for my friend's mom. I really do.
  9. This happened when we were 13. Now, she's with a different family, who doesn't abuse her and her little sisters. I'm happy for her.
  10. So what did you think of part 2? Tell me in the comments! I'll update as soon as possible! I have a science test coming up... So I have to study. GAWSH!

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