Who's Your Godly Parent?

Hey guys!! Hope you like my quiz! I spend one and a half days working on it XD Anyways, this is about finding out who your godly parent is (Greek mythology)

So yeah.... As you can see by my name (DaughterOfPoseidon) I already know who mine is, I took probably about 4854933493 quizzes? They all said Poseidon. :)

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon

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  1. What's your ideal summer dream vacation? By my name I think you know what mine is! :)
  2. What's your all time favorite color?? (Me: I know this question gets asked a lot in these godly parent quizzes)
  3. It's a Saturday and you're not sure what to do today! What do you decide to do? :)
  4. T.G.I.F!! It's a Friday night and you really wanna make this night last!!! What do you do?? (Me: Haha I made this question on a Tuesday night!)
  5. DEMIGOD QUESTION!!!!: Which god/goddess do you want as your godly parent?? This has no affect on your score! (Me: Of coarse, I'm Poseidon's daughter!!)
  6. Choose one of the options below that matches your personality!! Choose wisely...they REALLY affect your score!
  7. LAST QUESTION!! This is about....*drum roll* PERCY JACKSON!!!! Which Percy Jackson character matches you and your personality!!
  8. Rate and comment!! PLEASE no hater comments! This is my first quiz!! For all you Greek Mythology lovers, YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE!!!
  9. I got two questions doesn't affect anything! I have a couple of shoutouts! Checkout the Percy Jackson Love Story by Calypso1315! Her stories ROCK!!
  10. Ummm so, that one about Calypso1315 wasn't a question but oh well! Peace! Um never mind about the questions XD -DaughterOfPoseidon

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Quiz topic: Who's my Godly Parent?